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Esports Summit 2019

Cultivating the esports market for a new generation

Esports hold significant value for the Australian economy and education system.

Australian organisations are already capitalising on competitive gaming’s engagement of a key demographic, its growth potential for the entertainment and sports industry and its value for students and educational institutions alike.

However, this value can only be realised if endemic organisations, investors, leagues and publishers are brought together to implement clear-cut growth strategy and cross-sector collaboration. Only then can esports thrive in our market and nation.

Esports Summit 2019 will give you clear guidance on how to gain value from esports.

You will receive practical strategies for investment, commercialisation, running live events and establishing esports programs in your schools, universities and sporting clubs. Learn from successful investors and esports industry veterans, university and high school program leaders, traditional sports executives and hand-picked experts on how to extract the full value of esports for your organisation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow esports in Australia.

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  14 - 16 May 2019
Novotel Sydney Central


Vital insights from leading esports and traditional sports organisations, investors and educators


A comprehensive program for current and future esports stakeholders


Interactive workshops that will give you practical strategies to gain value from esports


Novotel Sydney Central, 169-179 Thomas St, Sydney


  • Pinpoint and capitalise on your opportunities in esports
  • Ensure your esports strategy is commercially viable
  • Drive student engagement and recruitment with esports programs
  • Understand how traditional sports organisations can benefit from esports
  • Learn how to run a major esports event
  • Network with investors, teams and league operators

Who should attend this conference

100%Potential investors and sponsors

99%Education leaders

99%Traditional sports organisations

98%Esports organisations

97%Media and broadcast leaders

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


David Harris

Managing Director

Guinevere Capital


Tim McGregor

Managing Director

TEG Live


Scott Russell

General Manager

Hoyts Esports


Dominic Remond

Chief Executive Officer

Gfinity Esports


Matt Jones

Chief Executive Officer

OVO Mobile


Jeremy Loeliger

Chief Executive Officer

National Basketball League


Luke Bould

Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

Football Federation Australia


Gavin Macdonald

Director Strategy and Innovation

Sport Australia


Danny Townsend

Chief Executive Officer

Sydney FC


Nigel Smart

Chief Operating Officer

Adelaide Crows FC


Danielle Bleazby

Head of Customer Experience



Darren Birch

GM Growth, Digital and Audience



Michael Trotter

Esports Coordinator and Co-Founder

QUT Esports


Toby Fogarty

Academy of Gaming & Animation

Northern Adelaide Senior College


Darryn Wallace

Director of Marketing and Innovation: Dairy and Drinks



Nathan Reay

Group Executive: Head of M&A, Strategy & Partnerships

Nova Entertainment


Russ Prendergast

Head of Brand

LG Australia


Chris Derrick


ORDER Esports


Frank Li


Chiefs Esports


Wesley Collier


AVANT Gaming


Nash Hawnt


Justice Esports


Eileen Bell

Lead – Diversity and Inclusion Panel



Chris Smith

Founder and Director

BIG Esports


Sean Callanan



  • SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1 – 14 May 2019

    Opportunities and Market Growth

    9:00am: OPENING KEYNOTE: Esports 101: Comprehending an exploding industry

    • “Not just gaming”: Defining esports as a specific phenomenon
    • The evolution and impact of esports in the global economy
    • How Australia is travelling in the global esports revolution?
    • Outlining the ecosystem:
      • Who are the main stakeholders?
      • Which publishers are involved?
      • How are leagues, tournaments and events being run?

    David Harris, Managing Director, Guinevere Capital


    9:50am: KEYNOTE: Navigating commercialisation opportunities for esports

    • Determining which industries have the best opportunity in esports
    • Pinpointing where your investment will have the greatest impact:
      • Live events
      • Teams
      • Broadcasting/streaming
    • What esports organisations and investors need to do to work together
    • The crucial role of social media and influencers in esports success

    Scott Russell, General Manager, Hoyts Esports


    10:40am: Morning tea


    Commercialisation and ROI


    11:00am: CASE STUDY: Harnessing the esports spectacle through live events

    • Navigating the most successful formats for live events
    • Determining optimal numbers for both attendance and live streams
    • Selecting the best game for live spectating
    • Engaging the audience without typecasting

    Tim McGregor, Managing Director, TEG Live


    11:50am: CASE STUDY: OVO Mobile’s move into esports broadcasting

    • Who is ovo and what is our strategy as telco / OTT broadcaster?
    • Our sports portfolio and how we are leveraging AI to drive fan engagement
    • Why we invested in esports, results so far and what we expect in the future

    Matt Jones, Chief Executive Officer, OVO Mobile


    12:40 pm Lunch


    1:40pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: How are brands approaching esports?

    • Why are brands so interested in esports?
    • What brand activations are succeeding in esports?
    • How can brands target their consumers within esports?
    • What metrics are available for brand investment in esports?

    Nathan Reay, Group Executive: Head of M&A, Strategy & Partnerships, Nova Entertainment

    Russ Prendergast, Head of Brand, LG Australia

    Darryn Wallace, Director of Marketing and Innovation: Dairy and Drinks, Lion



    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: The realities and logistics of esports commercialisation

    • Breaking down current and future revenue models for esports investment
    • Understanding the costs involved in esports investment and scaling appropriately
    • Ensuring a sustainable investment by understanding esports orgs and the people who run them
    • What can orgs and investors do to mitigate the risks of esports investment?

    Chris Smith, Founder and Director, BIG Esports



    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    The Esports Scene

    3:40pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: What have the clubs learned so far?

    • What have been the biggest challenges to date?
    • How do you manage player reputation in an anonymous environment?
    • What are the best strategies for retaining talent?
    • How are you managing changing expectations in player salaries?
    • Does increased investment change your organisation, its people and its values?
    • What does the next 5 years hold?

    Chris Derrick, Chief Executive Officer, Order Esports

    Frank Li, Chief Executive Officer, Chiefs Esports

    Nash Hawnt, Chief Executive Officer, Justice Esports

    Wesley Collier, CEO, AVANT Gaming *PENDING CONFIRMATION*



    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Cultivating a robust governance framework for the industry

    • An overview of the current governance landscape
    • What an appropriate and accountable governance framework would look like
    • The role of publishers in esports governance
    • Ensuring a central esports body reaches all stakeholders

    Gavin Macdonald, Director Strategy and Innovation, Sport Australia


    5:20pm: End of day one & networking drinks

  • SUMMIT AGENDA: DAY 2 – 15 May 2019

    Esports and Traditional Sports


    9:00am: KEYNOTE: Traditional sports and esports

    • How traditional sports organisations can bring value to esports
    • Which organisations are best placed to expand into esports:
      • Clubs
      • Leagues
      • Broadcast partners
    • Applying a traditional sports operating model to a completely new market

    Jeremy Loeliger, Chief Executive Officer, National Basketball League


    9:50am: CASE STUDY: The E-League: An ideal crossover of esports and football

    • Capitalising on an endemic presence in the gaming landscape
    • Working with the publisher to realise an expansion into esports
    • Applying the principles of traditional sports management to esports

    Luke Bould, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Football Federation Australia



    10:40am: Morning tea


    11:00am: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can traditional sports take advantage of esports?

    • What have we learned so far?
    • Are traditional sports looking at opportunities in esports?
    • How should traditional sports change the message to engage a new audience?
    • Is there a lack of credibility in traditional sports running competitions in unrelated games?
    • Does traditional sports’ player/tournament/competition/gameday experience matter?
    • Could esports pose a risk for brand integrity?

    Darren Birch, GM Growth, Digital and Audience, AFL

    Danny Townsend, Chief Executive Officer, Sydney FC

    Dominic Remond, Chief Executive Officer, Gfinity Esports



    11:50am: CASE STUDY: Takeaways from the AFL’s first esports event

    • Lessons learned from the event
    • Next steps beyond proof of concept:
      • Growing attendance
      • Boosting engagement
    • Leveraging existing corporate partnerships to grow further investment
    • Understanding crucial differences in game day logistics

    Danielle Bleazby, Head of Customer Experience, AFL


    12:40 pm Lunch


    Esports, Education and Engagement


    1:40pm: CASE STUDY: Cultivating grassroots esports

    • Building a grassroots esports engagement model
    • Why the Adelaide Crows invested in school programs
    • Takeaways from launching the High School E-Sports League
    • Building a sustainable growth model for grassroots esports

    Nigel Smart, Chief Operating Officer, Adelaide Crows FC



    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Why universities need to embrace esports

    • Quantifying the value-add of an esports program for the university:
      • Recruitment
      • Retention
      • Student engagement and performance
      • Career pathways and industry links
    • Running an esports team in a university environment
    • The case for esports business programs in Australian universities

    Michael Trotter, Esports Coordinator and Co-Founder, QUT Esports


    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    3:40pm: CASE STUDY: Leveraging the benefits of esports for schools

    • Why esports are good for students:
      • Teamwork, strategy, communication
      • Participation and inclusion
    • Forming teams and running school tournaments
    • Forging partnerships with esports organisations to add greater value
    • Ensuring a safe environment for students in esports

    Toby Fogarty, Academy of Gaming & Animation, Northern Adelaide Senior College


    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Widening the demographic for esports

    • The female representation paradox:
      • Why don’t the strong viewing numbers match up with athlete representation?
      • Does gender stereotyping have a role?
      • Do the publishers need to take action?
    • Driving a safe space for athletes and casual gamers
    • Widening the demographic to include more diverse cultures and age groups

    Eileen Bell, Lead – Diversity and Inclusion Panel, Esports Games Association Australia



    5:20pm: End of conference

  • Day Three – Post-Conference Workshops – 16 May 2019

    Workshop A: 9:00am – 12.30pm:

    Commercialising esports: Opportunities and strategies for investment

    The hype around esports is massive, and with hype comes opportunity. Australian organisations from various industries are already exploiting opportunities in esports, some with greater success than others. Crucial to this success is a sound and practical strategy, realistic expectations, viable partnerships and cracking the elusive youth demographic. This interactive workshop will give you the tools to do it.

    This workshop will cover:

    • Overview of the esports business landscape
    • Navigating the opportunities for investment and return
    • Developing a relevant and effective commercialisation strategy
    • Cracking an elusive youth demographic
    • Realistic timelines for the generation of a return

    Workshop facilitator: Craig Green, Esports Consultant, 360 DMG


    Workshop B: 1:30pm – 5:00pm:

    Starting a successful esports program: A step-by-step guide

    Esports will not grow in Australia without an expansion of leagues, tournaments and teams. Regardless of scope, form grassroots community and education initiatives to major professional competitions, all programs need to start somewhere. This workshop will show you what you need to do when setting up an esports program.

    This workshop will cover:

    • The benefits of esports programs for players and communities
    • Games, formats, tournaments and leagues
    • Privacy, consent, and safely engaging with players on the Internet
    • Navigating intellectual property concerns with game publishers
    • Commercialising your esports program
    • Social media, streaming and engagement strategies to grow your program

    Workshop facilitator: Paul Taylor, STEAM Teacher, Hazel Glen College


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