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Satisfying the Contemporary Customer

The Future of Customer Experience in Government Contact Centres According to the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office, more than 1/3 of Australians stated that digital means of communication would be their preferred channel of communication with government agencies.  This number is expected to grow as more customer service operations in both the public and private […]

How to engage with the disengaged

Public participation and consultation are essential for building trust with government organisations.  We spoke with Jason Downs, Leader for Engagement at the South Australian Department of State Development, to find out how government organisations can effectively engage disengaged communities to drive positive outcomes.  Read more to find out why Jason considers trust and genuine relationships […]

The time for traditional media is over

The time for traditional media is over   Digital communications are far more efficient than traditional media. When delivering your department message, digital mediums can spread the word to large audiences your audience in a fraction of the time. We talked to Lachlan McKenzie, Assistant Director, Strategy and Media to find out how Transport for […]

How to be an authentic and more effective leader

Authenticity is one of those buzzwords that gets bandied around the place every few years. The trouble is that often people don’t take the time to understand just why authenticity is so valuable. Often people in leadership positions are more concerned with protecting their own lives and selves that they lose the trust and loyalty […]

Don’t be a divisive leader – FIVE TOP tips for leading with Emotional Intelligence

Don’t be a divisive leader – FIVE TOP tips for leading with Emotional Intelligence There is nothing more harmful and destructive than a divisive and contradictory leader. They build contempt and distrust and control their charges by fear and power games. You may get things done in the short term but ultimately, your team will […]

Protect yourself and your team with a comprehensive social media policy

The ever evolving nature of social media is overwhelming at the best of times. Trying to keep up to date with the latest trends both on a personal and business level can leave many feeling totally lost. Things change, platforms adapt and the way we access and share information transforms with every new addition to […]

Tips for becoming a successful and effective Chief Risk Officer

The role of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is as challenging as it is varied. Depending on your industry, the role of the CRO can change dramatically, as the risks and potential risks change. What is constant is the need for a CRO to be able to manage, assess and mitigate risks to business in […]

10 Top Tips for fostering a positive company culture

Research is increasingly revealing some scary statistics when it comes to employee satisfaction. Employees aren’t engaged, trust in our leaders is at an all-time low, and employees are on the constant lookout for something new, exciting and more appealing. The fact is the happier your employees, the more productive, loyal and committed they will become. You cannot underestimate […]

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