Our People

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At Konnect Learning we like to make it all about you and your growth, but on this page we get to introduce ourselves and how the Konnect Learning family all work together to make it happen. We’re proud of the team and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Our people are the lifeblood of Konnect Learning – without our dedicated, energetic and driven team we’d be just another faceless business. But we’re not. Come see the team behind the events and training.

Dana Lightbody

I started Konnect Learning with an idea that I could create something different. I wanted to deliver conferences and training that enabled real people to step up in their careers and enjoy a valuable learning experience. I wanted the freedom to ensure that every single product that came from my company that reflected my values, was excellent and my staff really believed in excellence in all we do.

That was 5 years ago. I am extremely proud of what has been created since then and of the people that work alongside me. I stepped aside as MD in 2016 when I had twins, so my management is part time now. We’re not a family business anymore but I still consider Konnect Learning my other family.

General Manager
Sam Wallis

It was Dana and me six years ago – starting out in our living rooms. We’ve had the opportunity to nurture a heap of staff (learning and growing with them), nurture careers from practically every industry and put on some truly inspirational events since then.

I’m super proud of what we’ve done so far and where we are heading. Not only are we making our clients better at their job – we’re helping people achieve their own definition of success. That’s what I’m trying to do internally for our staff as well – with a little bit of self-development for yours truly thrown in for good measure.

As for hobbies, I have none. I’m a workaholic. I am notorious for shouting a round or two for the team on the company card though.

Chief Happiness Officer

    Scooter has been a dedicated & hard-working member of the team since the early days of Konnect Learning. He originally performed the role of full time wellness expert and set up the company Wellness and Dog Appreciation Program. Specialising in stress minimisation, Scooter now performs a part-time advisory role, overseeing office moral and adherence to values, specifically enjoyment. Scooter trained at Leichhardt Obedience School and attained his post-graduate diploma in agility in Melbourne before starting his first role as wellness liaison at Tonkin Corporation.

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