Women’s Sport: The Role Educational Institutions Play

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Women’s Sport: The Role Educational Institutions Play

RMIT is leading the way in developing the next crop of AFLW talent, and Sally Tanner is one of the key figures driving its success. Their recently established RMIT Women’s Football Academy, of which Sally presides over as President, not only utilises world-class facilities at RMIT’s Bundoora Sports Precinct but is exemplary of a strong and sustainable approach to integrating high-performance sport in an education environment.

The Academy is designed to create new talent pathways for players, coaches, sports scientists, administrators and media professionals into the VFLW and AFLW and generate more opportunities for the community to get involved in women’s footy. It utilises the existing resources of the university while also fostering collaboration between university departments to boost its services and give students valuable experience. From marketing content to health support, the academy is able to draw from the resources of the university in a way that profits all involved.


The Role of Educational Institutions

Sally is a passionate advocate and proponent of the growth of participation and elite performance of women in sport.

“To see real growth in sport amongst women, we need to provide them with greater access to high-level facilities, greater financial support, more attention from the sporting establishment, and more pathways to and appreciation in elite performance.”

“We are also currently seeing a lack of leadership opportunities to women in sports administration, which is why the career pathways aspect of the RMIT academy is so crucial. Educational bodies need to lead the way in providing equal opportunities for women to make it to leadership roles, so that these skills can then be carried over to professional clubs and leagues.”

Sally Tanner is the President of the RMIT Women’s Football Academy. She presents at the Women in Sport Summit on 7 August 2019. Tickets are still available.


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