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Employment Law 2019 – Melbourne

Employment Law 2019

Employment Law 2019 provides you with one day of extensive discussion from leading lawyers to inform your understanding of employment law. You will learn how to best insulate yourself from costly workplace disputes, and ensure that you meet the needs of your employees.

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  25 - 25 February 2019
Cliftons Melbourne


Specialist speakers from Australia’s most respected law firms to present you with the most current and informed opinions available.


One comprehensive day of case study analysis and discussion to arm you with the latest employment law knowledge.


Employment Law 2019 is a one day seminar format event.


Cliftons Melbourne - Collins Street
1/440 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000


  • Hear about key employment law developments from the Fair Work Commission
  • Effectively confront bullying and discrimination in the workplace
  • Prevent absenteeism and ensure the proper management of illness and injury
  • Insulate against adverse action and unfair dismissal claims
  • Understand employment contracts and enterprise bargaining agreements
  • Review the impacts of immigration updates on employment law

Who should attend this conference

95%HR Managers

90%HR Analysts

88%HR Business Partners

84%HR Administrators

80%HR Officers

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Commissioner Gregory


Fair Work Commission


Tony Lawrence


HWL Ebsworth


Rebecca Best

Senior Associate

Thomson Geer


Karl Blake




Chris Spentzaris




Siobhan Mulcahy




Kathy Dalton


DLA Piper


Helene Lee


Norton Rose Fulbright


Tim Lange

Partner and National Employment Relations Lead

Piper Alderman

  • Employment Law Roadshow - 2019

    Employment Law 2019 will impart practical knowledge to help develop your capabilities as an employer, and avoid costly workplace disputes. Drawing together leading speakers from Australia’s most prestigious law firms, this event will provide you with the knowledge needed to successfully manage workplace issues.

    With a focus on the latest updates, you will learn how to manage evolving challenges in the employment law space. From workplace bullying and unfair dismissals to enterprise bargaining agreements and revisions to immigration law, this event will address the most pertinent aspects of employment law.

  • Conference Agenda

    8:30 Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50 Opening remarks from chair

    Melbourne: Tony Lawrence, Partner, HWL Ebsworth

    Fair Work Update:

    9:05am: Fair work Commission update: Addressing new developments in Employment Law for 2019

    • Understanding key updates within the employment space over the last 12 months
      • How these updates will impact HR processes
    • Ensuring water-tight compliance processes throughout your organisation
    • Preparing for future movements in Employment Law leading into the next federal and state elections

    Commissioner Gregory, Commissioner, Fair Work Commission

    Bullying and Harassment:

    9:50am: Clamping down on bulling and harassment by understanding employer obligations

    • Appreciating employer’s rights and responsibilities when dealing with bulling and harassment
    • Minimising your liabilities
    • Organising appropriate performance management processes
    • Appreciating the legal definition of bullying
    • Cultivating company-wide by-in to bullying and harassment polices
    • Following compliant procedures when instances when bullying and harassment occurs
    • Minimising discrimination claims with legally compliant strategies

    Examine relevant case Law

    Melbourne: Andrew Crocker, Special counsel, HWL Ebsworth

    10:35am Morning tea

    10:50am: Streamlining the sexual harassment and bullying claims management process

    • Understanding the financial and indirect consequences of inadequate management in harassment cases
    • Financial repercussions
    • Diversion of resources
    • Logistical burdens
    • Reputation
    • Implementing consistent polices when dealing with harassment in the workplace
    • Encouraging an open culture of reporting on harassment throughout your organisation
      • The impact of the #Metoo movement
    • Quickly and efficiently dealing with claims as they arise

    Examine relevant case Law

    Melbourne: Rebecca Best, Senior Associate, Thomson Geer

    Mental Health

    11:35am: Preventive approaches to mental health claims

    • Building psychology resilient workspaces through effective management
    • Understanding your rights and responsibilities when dealing with mental health issues
      • Ensuring there’s robust processes that deal compassionately and fairly to both parties
    • Guaranteeing effective performance management in sensitive workplace situations
      • Assessing an employee’s fitness to work
    • Supervising absenteeism and presentism
    • Ascertaining the root cause of the issue in questions
    • Implementing systems that support staff through mental health
      • Necessary training
      • Counselling sessions

    Examine relevant case Law

    Melbourne: Karl Blake, Partner, MinterEllison

    Lunch 12:20pm

    1.05pm SPOTLIGHT UPDATE SESSION – Immigration update and employment implications 

    • Understanding the working rights of your overseas workforce
      • Being aware of the interaction between employment law and immigration requirements
    • Simplifying bridging visas
    • Assessing recent revisions made to the Subclass 457 Visa
    • Understanding amendments made to the employer sponsored migration programme
    • Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) (TSS) visa
    • Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)
    • The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
    • Examining clawback clauses in employment contracts

    Examine relevant case Law

    Melbourne: Chris Spentzaris, Partner Fragomen

    Illness, Injury & Absenteeism:

     1.30pm: Ensuring the proper management of illness, injury and absenteeism

    • Comprehension of your duties and obligations with delicate workplace issues
    • Assessing an employee’s fitness to work
    • Supervising absenteeism
    • Issuing formal warnings
    • Justifying dismissals
    • Managing long-term absence due to sickness or injury
      • Concrete workplace procedures when dealing with work cover
      • Internal OH&S committee to identify possible issues
    • Administering managerial pressure in accordance with employee rights
    • Avoiding issue escalation

    Examine relevant case Law

    Melbourne: Siobhan Mulcahy, partner, Gadens

    Unfair Dismissal and Redundancy:

    2:15pm: Ensuring compliance throughout the dismissal process to negate unfair dismissal claims

    • Understanding the parameters of a fair and unfair dismissal
    • Using formal warnings to mitigate dismissals
    • Procedural fairness in the termination process
    • What amounts to serious misconduct and how do you know if a reason is valid
    • What other factors are taken into account to assess the overall harshness of a dismissal
    • Implementing genuine redundancies
      • What constitutes a genuine redundancy of a position
      • Consultation requirements
      • Scope of obligations to redeploy
    • Developing practical, appropriate strategies for handling claims including avoiding adverse action/general protection claims

    Examine relevant case Law

    Melbourne: Kathy Dalton, Partner, DLA Piper

    3:00 Afternoon Tea

     Enterprise Bargaining:  

     3:20pm: Eliminating the confusion around Enterprise Bargaining

    • Navigating the enterprise bargaining landscape: securing FWC approval
    • Clarifying the procedural requirements of EBAs
    • Outlining the features of a successful EBA
    • Discussing the grounds for rejection
    • Death of EBAs?
      • The impact of BOOT (Better Off Overall)
    • Learning how to properly terminate enterprise bargaining agreements
    • What are your rights when dealing with Unions?

    Examine relevant case Law

    Helene Lee, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

    Employment Contracts:

    4:05pm: Effective contract drafting and implementation

    • Accentuating the importance of clear, unambiguous employment contracts
    • Appreciating the “reasonable notice” danger
    • Determining the relationship between employment contracts and policies
    • Achieving business protection: notice periods and “gardening” leave
    • Navigating post-employment constraints
    • Current employees, new contracts: effecting contractual change to meet new employment demand

    Examine relevant case Law

    Tim Lange, Partner and National Employment Relations Lead, Piper Alderman

    Performance Management:


    • Implementing sound processes ensuring employees are well equipped and empowered to improve
      • Performance improvement plans
      • How to ensure staff morale is positive while this happening
    • Appropriately adhering to set procedures when dealing with challenging employees
    • Presentism V absenteeism
    • What to do when an unfair dismissal claim is lodged

    Examine relevant case Law

    Melbourne: Emma Vautin, Senior Lawyer, Clayton UTZ 

    5:35pm: End of day


  • Speaker List

    Tony Lawrence, Partner, HWL Ebsworth

    Commissioner Gregory, Commissioner, Fair Work Commission

    Andrew Crocker, Special counsel, HWL Ebsworth

    Rebecca Best, Senior Associate, Thomson Geer

    Karl Blake, Partner, MinterEllison

    Chris Spentzaris, Partner Fragomen

    Siobhan Mulcahy, partner, Gadens

    Kathy Dalton, Partner, DLA Piper

    Helene Lee, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

    Tim Lange, Partner and National Employment Relations Lead, Piper Alderman

    Emma Vautin, Senior Lawyer, Clayton UTZ 



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