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Chief Digital Officer Summit 2019

We believe you can revolutionise the direction of business. Starting tomorrow.
You can do this by leading a culture of change and innovation, from the top down. To do this, you need a pioneering, yet practical, digital strategy that aligns to your organisation.
That’s why we’ve created the CDO Strategy Summit 2019 – to give you the skills to roll out a successful digital transformation, no matter the hurdles, in any corporate environment.

About CDO Summit 2019

CDO Strategy Summit 2019 will enable you to execute a successful digital transformation.
You face many barriers to success as a digital professional. This event brings together digital leaders giving practical presentations so that you can overcome them. You will learn how to drive organisational buy-in, understand and implement suitable technologies, safeguard data and ensure customers are at the heart of your digital strategy.
The time to revolutionise your organisation is now.

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  06 - 08 March 2019
The Grace Hotel


Hear local Chief Digital Officers and digital leaders from all sectors share insights and experiences from their past, present, and future digital strategies. Also hear from regulatory, governance, and analytics experts on how to ensure that your transformation runs smoothly.


Two days of case studies, keynotes, best practice methodology, and analysis on the success and failure of digital strategy in the past, present, and future.


Building a positive culture for organisational by-in:
Driving Customer Centricity with your digital strategy:



  • Implement large scale digital transformations company-wide
  • Overcome internal resistance and to drive organizational buy-in
  • Optimise digital strategy by eliminating wasteful processes
  • Utilise the full potential of data to achieve organisational goals
  • Drive radical digital transformations
  • Explore and exploit the many potential uses of your data, and how to ensure it is ready for anything

Who should attend this conference

98%Chief Digital Officers

95%Heads of Digital

93%Digital Transformation Specialists

88%Chief Information Officers

83%Chief Executive Officers

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Marcus Marchant,

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

QBE Insurance


Mark Drasutis

Chief Digital Officer



Jennifer Scott

Former COO

eBay Finance


Peter Buckmaster

Director of Digital Services

NSW Department of Education


Kylie McLean

Chief Digital Officer ANZ



Stephen Bowen,

Head of Digital Development & Strategy



Peter Brown

Head of Digital

Daily Telegraph


Aris Kinnas

Director of Digital



Leisa Bacon

Director Audiences



Kate Carruthers, CISM

Chief Data & Analytics Officer,



Bruce Callow

Chief Digital Officer

Griffith University


Tracy Bell

Digital Operations Leader

Australian Conservation Foundation


Elisha Booth

Head Of Digital Operations

Lowes Manhattan Pty Ltd


Chris McWilliams

Head of Digital

Southern Cross Austereo


Jeroen Bleeker

Head of Digital

Mercedes Benz Australia


Lambros Kallianiotis

Head of Digital Engineering

Australia Post


Jo-Ann Pass

Head Of Digital Operations

Sydney Water


Bayan Hammami

Data Analytics



Chloe Sasson


Robot Consulting


Sahlia Painter

Consulting Leader

Reload Consulting

  • Conference Overview


    Bringing together CDO’s and heads of digital from the largest organisations across Australia to discuss practical approaches to implementing and delivering an organisation- wide digital strategy.

    The event will focus on practical case studies and interactive sessions that deliver tangible benefits through digital strategies.


    Chief Digital Officer Summit 2019 brings together digital leaders to address common issues and the best ways to overcome them.

    This summit focuses on the administrative hurdles involved in rolling out an effective, timely, and meaningful digital strategy. Based on key issues researched in the field, the agenda features case studies and keynotes addressing the changing role of the Chief Digital Officer, how to drive organisational buy-in for your digital strategy, successful and challenging transformations on a case-by-case basis, best practice data governance and security, and new methodologies to make big change achievable and affordable. Featuring speakers from major organisations, this event is a platform for exchange on the most pressing issues faced by the Chief Digital Officer.

  • Day One Conference

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1 – 6th March 2019

    The Evolving role of the CDO 


    9:00am: Opening Keynote: Defining the role of the Chief Digital Officer

    • Implementing effective digital strategies by appreciating the volatile CDO landscape
    • Future-proofing your digital strategy with market foresight
    • Stamping your authority on the CDO role
      • Ensuring the digital strategy is at the forefront of company decision making
      • Building a culture of change and innovation
      • Communicating your role and responsibilities to senior stakeholders
      • Eliminating confusion about the CDO role




    9:50am: Keynote: The necessity for CDOs to become strategic company leaders 

    • Achieving leadership credibility by seeking more responsibilities
      • Operationalizing day to day requirements
      • Strategic and operational planning
      • Marketing and selling
    • Ensuring efficiency throughout digital and IT departmental restructures
    • Gaining the authority and by-in to drive digital transformation
    • Sustaining momentum throughout complex digital transformations


    Speaker: Tanya Graham, Chief Digital & Business Transformation Officer, Alinta Energy 


    10:40am: Morning tea

    Collaborating and Looking abroad with Digital Strategies 


    11:00am: Panel Discussion: Can we incorporate digital strategies from overseas conglomerates in the Australian market?

    • Looking abroad how is the Digital strategy being tackled overseas?
      • Who are leading in this space?
      • What we can learn?
    • Why is Australia so far behind?
      • Organisations still struggling to align digital properly
      • How to get organisations to catch up and move on from basic foundational digital processes?
    • What lessons can be learnt from collaborating?
    • Benefits of the Private and public sectors working together



    Marcus Marchant, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, QBE Insurance

    Aris Kinnas, Director of Digital, Foxtel

    Leisa Bacon, Director Audiences, Australian Broadcast Corporation

    Tracy Bell, Digital Operations Leader, Australian Conservation Foundation



    Digital Change management

    11:50am: Case Study: Defining your digital goals to ensure an effective strategy


    • How to build your digital strategy from the ground up
    • Cultivating organisational by-in when your digital strategy is in its infancy
    • Creating a strong foundation for your digital strategy to grow
      • Sourcing the appropriate software for your digital plan
    • Setting realistic goals to ensure a successful rollout of digital strategy


    Speaker: Elisha Booth, Head Of Digital Operations, Lowes Manhattan Pty Ltd


    12:40 pm Lunch


    1:40pm: Case Study: Lessons learnt from scaled digital transformation…so far!

    • Digitisation vs Digitalisation and the role of the wider organisation in transformation
    • Learning from Lego – standardisation creates innovation
    • What has worked, what hasn’t, and why.


    Speaker: Stephen Bowen, Head of Digital Platforms & Accelerators, Telstra



    2:30pm: Digital change management & transitioning to the next stage of your business transformation


    • Understanding the key digital strategies essential to the next phase of your transformation
    • Ensuring full realisation of your digital strategy by preventing internal interference
    • Scope to identify how evolving technology can benefit your organisation


    Speaker: Jennifer Scott, GM Digital Transformation & Performance, ANZ


    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    Digital war on Talent

    3:40pm: Practical approaches to defining your digital strategy

    • Effectively determining the right talent to implement the digital strategy
      • Does the employee have the right capabilities or is lacking in understanding of the digital space?
      • “All talk when you need delivery”
    • The value to outsource the implementation or can the strategy be resolved inhouse
    • Is the leadership cable and ready to oversee the transition?


    Speaker: Kylie McLean, Chief Digital Officer, IBM


    Customer Centralization

    4:30pm: Case study: Cultivating brand loyalty through customer centralization


    • How to create brand awareness through a cost-effective digital strategy
    • Understanding the importance of defining your market and demographic
      • Utilising pre-existing Data
      • Minimum viable product
      • Trying to get a 360 view of your customer
    • Countering resistance from clients, because they think they have a solution that works.

    Speaker:  Peter Brown, Head of Digital, Daily Telegraph


    5:20pm: End of day one & networking drinks


  • Day Two Conference


    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 2 – 7 March 2019

    Customer Centralization

    9:00am: Ensuring customers are at the heart of your digital strategy


    • The importance of organisations incorporating personalised user experiences in the digital strategy
    • The necessity of two-way communication with customers to improve and meet their needs
    • Negative consequence of having an ill effective digital strategy in a customer driven market.

    Speaker: Peter Buckmaster, Director of Digital Services, NSW Department of Education



    9:50am: Content is still king – Ensuring content remains at the forefront of your digital strategy


    • The significance of compelling content to enhance customer digital experiences
    • Ensuring a practical delivery to optimize the digital strategy’s consumer engagement
    • Keeping up to date with emerging technology and software and pre-empting how customers are using it

    Speaker: Chris McWilliams, Head of Digital, Southern Cross Austereo


    10:40am: Morning tea

    Emerging Technology

    11:00am: Case Study: Future proofing and preventing disruption by understanding new technology trends

    • Improving revenue and efficiency by keeping abreast of advancing technology
      • Being up to date with legalities and avoiding fines
      • Insurance
    • The importance of understanding what tech you’re investing in to eliminate costly double handling.
    • Being wary of the technology industry ensuring your business strategy isn’t compromised.



    11:50am: Panel: Emerging Technology – The influence of emergent technologies on digital transformation


    • How to determine the effectiveness of the top emerging technologies
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Blockchain
      • Cloud
      • Data
    • Best practice when counteracting unnecessary anxiety around innovation by remembering the human factor in digital
      • The fear of redundancy
    • What does the future hold with technology and the digital space?



    Mark Drasutis, Chief Digital Officer, IAG

    Richard Hilliard, General Manager, Technology innovation, Orix

    Jeroen Bleeker, Head of Digital, Mercedes Benz Australia

    Lambros Kallianiotis, Head of Digital Engineering, Australia Post


    12:40 pm Lunch

    Organisational by-in

    1:40pm: Case Study: Cultivating a digital company culture

    • Identify sources of possible resistance and why it’s happening
      • Politics
      • Resistance in Management
    • Understanding the importance of bridging all work silos and stakeholders with the digital transformation
    • Ensuring transparent education/Language explaining to staff why you are adapting
      • Training to levitate complexities and anxiety


    Speaker: Jo-Ann Pass, Head Of Digital Operations, Sydney Water



    2:30pm: Eliminating internal resistance to the digital strategy

    • Avoiding cost myths with amicable discussions with Stakeholders on a realistic ROI expectation.
    • Selling the benefits and features of digital value
    • Needing to adapt to fast moving technology
    • Lack of knowledge of how software will improve productivity
    • Advocating agile mindsets to drive efficiency
    • Rallying organisational support by dispelling short-term thinking
    • Looking further than the “easy wins”
    • Transitioning from a reactionary thinking to a proactive approach
    • Going bigger than baby steps


    Speaker: Bruce Callow, Chief Digital Officer, Griffith University


    3:20pm Afternoon tea

    Data Governance


    3:40pm: Ensuring the efficient use of data with a regimented Digital Strategy

    • Understanding how to curate data effetely with your digital strategy
    • Efficiently using Data management plans and platforms
    • Driving the message that data is fundamental to business performance
      • Data analytics

    Speaker: Bayan Hammami, Data Analytics, Domain.com.au


    4:30pm: Overcoming data security concerns to support your digital strategy

    • How alignment between digital strategy, data strategy, and cybersecurity can improve data security and risk management.
    • Preventing cyber security breach by managing data risk:
      • Why the guidelines are becoming standards: APRA CPG 235 ins and outs
      • Compliance and governance
      • IoT security: an impending explosion of risk areas



    Speaker: Kate Carruthers, CISM, Chief Data & Analytics Officer UNSW Planning & Performance


    5:20pm: End of conference




  • Post-Conference Workshops Agenda

    CDO strategy Summit 2019

    Delivering your digital strategy in an increasing complex world


    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 3 – 8 March 2019

    8:30AM – Registration, morning and tea


    Workshop A: 9:00AM – 12:30PM

    Building a positive culture for organisational by-in:

    The most common issue among Chief Digital Officers is infuriation at seeming contradictions in organisational logic: the role exists to effect digital transformation, yet every step seems to be met with internal resistance. This workshop will equip you with the tools to overcome resistance and push organisational buy-in with time-tested leadership techniques.

    This workshop will cover:

    • Earning internal confidence for your digital strategy at all levels, from the board room to front of house
    • Overcome resistance more effectively by understanding where it is coming from and how to elevate.
    • Eliminating preconceptions about the cost of digital transformation with transparent and realistic goals
    • Moving beyond short-term thinking and crippling risk assessments
    • Stamping your authority on the digital role to ensure buy-in and outcomes

    Workshop Facilitator: Sahlia Painter, Consulting Leader, Reload Consulting










    Workshop B: 130PM – 5:00PM

    Driving Customer Centricity with your digital strategy:

    Customers are in control and now have the power to decide your organisations success and failure with a single click. Businesses around the globe are constantly being challenged with how to implement an effective digital transformation that will engage their core market. This interactive workshop will focus on the necessity to have Customer centralization at the heart of your digital strategy.

    The workshop will cover:

    • Creating an affordable digital strategy that can create brand awareness
    • Ensuring a practical delivery to enhance the digital strategy’s consumer engagement
    • The importance of two-way communication with customers
    • The significance of compelling content to enhance customer digital experiences
    • How to Incorporate personalised user experiences in the digital strategy

    Workshop Facilitator: Chloe Sasson, Owner, Robot Consulting

    Chloe Sasson is the founder and Head Robot at Robot Consulting. With over 15 years of experience in global digital and technology companies including Google, MySpace and  News ltd, Chloe set up Robot Consulting to help grow Australian start-ups and  enterprise technology businesses.    With the core aim of Making the Complex Simple; she works with clients making big change and disrupting their markets. Consistently challenged with complexities in the digital and online space; she works to guide them through customer centric marketing and sales strategies that are actionable, measurable and effective.


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