10 Top Tips for fostering a positive company culture

company culture 1

Research is increasingly revealing some scary statistics when it comes to employee satisfaction. Employees aren’t engaged, trust in our leaders is at an all-time low, and employees are on the constant lookout for something new, exciting and more appealing. The fact is the happier your employees, the more productive, loyal and committed they will become. […]

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How to be an authentic and more effective leader

Authentic Leader 1

Authenticity is one of those buzzwords that gets bandied around the place every few years. The trouble is that often people don’t take the time to understand just why authenticity is so valuable. Often people in leadership positions are more concerned with protecting their own lives and selves that they lose the trust and loyalty […]

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Top Tips for being assertive without being aggressive

assertive 2

Executive and personal assistants are in a unique position in business. They are responsible for upholding the expectations of some of the most senior executives in their business, yet technically hold none of the clout. It can be incredibly challenging finding the tools to assert the correct amount of authority and confidence without over-stepping the […]

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The top three questions when building a budget

Finance for Non-Fiiance Managers 5

Let’s face it! Budgeting for your team’s expenses is not an exciting task. For many, budgeting doesn’t so much pique their interest as peak their stress levels. This is especially so for non finance staff, i.e, operational, administrative or technical staff for whom budgeting is seen as an additional task to their “real” jobs. The […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Distance Leadership

Distance Leadership 1

Near, Far, Wherever you are – Be an inspirational leader Our workplaces are becoming increasingly virtual and that means you can’t always give your team the facetime you might want. Managing people without this face time can be incredibly tough. It requires constant planning, vigilance and a commitment to your team. There are some significant […]

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