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Mentoring and Coaching for Women 2019

There’s a difference between a manager and a leader.

Great leaders are also great mentors and coaches.

If you want to be a great mentor, you need to have the skills to share your knowledge and empower the people around you.

That’s the purpose of the Coaching and Mentoring for Women 2019. To build a platform for mentors and mentees to connect and promote the upward mobility of women.

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  07 - 07 May 2019
L'Aqua, Cockle Bay Wharf


Join 3 inspirational CEOs discuss how Mentoring women helps them to be better leaders.


With three keynotes and two interactive afternoon workshops, Mentoring and Coaching for Women is the perfect platform to connect mentors and mentees so that every woman can meet her professional goals.


Learn hands-on skills to become an excellent leader and mentor in two interactive workshops.


The Sydney Boulevard Hotel
90 William St, Sydney NSW 2011


  • Understand how to share your knowledge and skills to help others succeed
  • Get real-life advice from CEOs on how they mentor women in their organisation
  • Develop your leadership and coaching skills by attending the afternoon masterclasses
  • Build your executive presence by learning how to inspire confidence amongst your peers and become an authentic leader
  • Progress your career to the next level

Who should attend this conference

100%General Managers and Heads of Department

100%Senior Management

98%Middle Management

97%Future Leaders

96%HR Directors

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Deanne Stewart


First State Super


Esme Borgelt




Dr Jodie Lowinger

CEO and Founder

Mind Strength

  • Morning Sessions - CEO Keynotes and Q+As

    8:30 am Registration, Tea and Coffee

    8:55 am: Opening remarks from MC

    Session One: Building Authentic relationships as a mentor

    • Inspiring your mentees to lead with passion
    • Developing informal and formal coaching relationships
    • Becoming a strong role model in your organisation to promote other women to strive for success

    Deanne Stewart, CEO, First State Super

    Session Two: Fostering open discussion through trusted environments

    • Cultivating safe spaces in your organisation for women to discuss their challenges
    • Establishing guidelines and boundaries to ensure a positive relationship with your mentee
    • How do you part ways with your mentee if things aren’t working out?

    Esme Borgelt, MD, Kellog’s

    11:00 am: Morning Tea

    Session Three: Giving and receiving feedback

    • Effectively passing on your knowledge to develop a more experienced workforce
    • Effectively advising your mentee on their careers to drive others to succeed
    • Challenging your mentee to work outside their comfort zone

    12:30 pm Lunch

  • Afternoon Sessions - Coaching and Leadership Masterclasses

    Afternoon Workshop A: Developing your skills to become an effective mentor and coach

    Sharing your skills, knowledge and expertise can benefit any workplace. It opens the doors for younger women to climb the corporate ladder as well as retaining institutional and practical know-how in your organisation. This afternoon masterclass will give you the skills to build informal and formal mentoring relationships with your peers.

    • Building the confidence to coach individuals in your organisations
    • Establishing shared values and expectations for your mentoring relationship
    • Setting objectives for your mentor to help them achieve their goals
    • Strengthening your organisational culture by building rapport with peers and colleagues

    Dr Jodie Lowinger, CEO and Founder, Mind Strength

    3:00 pm: Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon Workshop B: Becoming a great Leader

    Mentoring others helps to solidify your knowledge as well as identify gaps in your skillset. This interactive workshop will give you the skills to progress your leadership journey and advance your professional development.

    • Establishing gaps in your skillset to optimise your performance as a leader
    • Developing your communication skills to provide guidance and constructive feedback
    • Effectively engage and collaborate with people you lead and manage

    Dr Jodie Lowinger, CEO and Founder, Mind Strength

    Dr Jodie Lowinger is passionately committed to helping organisations and individuals reduce anxiety and stress and boost productivity, performance and a winning mindset.  Jodie combines expertise as a Performance, Mindset and Leadership Coach, Management Consultant and Doctor of Clinical Psychology to help others reach their pinnacle of success professionally and personally. Jodie is CEO and Founder of Mind Strength Coaching and Consulting. She coaches some of Australia’s top MDs, CEOs, athletes and executives. Jodie is also CEO and Founder of the Sydney Anxiety Clinic, a leading anxiety treatment clinic for adults, children and teens.


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