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Diversity & Inclusion Summit New Zealand 2019

We believe your success gives every employee the equal opportunity to be their authentic self.

This can only be achieved through continuous evaluation and improvement of your D&I outlook. Overcoming unconscious bias, achieving gender parity and producing workplace harmony require constant vigilance. That’s how you will achieve a return on your D&I investments. That’s why the Diversity & Inclusion Summit New Zealand 2019 exists. So you can align your D&I goals and perfect your D&I outlook.

The Diversity & Inclusion Summit New Zealand 2019 will ignite your passion for achieving a harmonious workplace. You will learn how New Zealand has maintained its status as a global leader. Pave a way to a perfect D&I outlook by championing gender parity, mitigating unconscious bias, and producing workplace harmony.

This is your chance to align your organisational D&I goals with New Zealand’s leading D&I champions as you perfect your D&I outlook.

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  19 - 21 March 2019
SO/ Auckland


Be the best! Join the D&I elite! We have brought together New Zealand’s leaders in Diversity & Inclusion who will deliver pioneering strategies that have perfected their D&I outlook and assert their organisations as the real deal in the pursuit of a harmonious workforce.


Over two information-packed days you will hear case studies from New Zealand’s Diversity & Inclusion Champions.


Interactive and practical methods you can take away, implement and drive your D&I practices into the future.


SO/ Auckland -
67 Customs St E,
Auckland, 1010, New Zealand


  • Champion female leadership and talent management
  • Invest in your future through proactive diversity and inclusion strategies
  • Develop strategic approaches to indigenous & multicultural engagement
  • Harness the diverse skills sets of your staff
  • Develop and retain your institutional knowledge
  • Combat diversity marginalisation

Who should attend this conference

100%Executive Directors Human Resources / People & Culture

95%Human Resources Managers

90%Diversity & Inclusion Managers

85%Organisational Development Managers

86%Talent & Recruitment Managers

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers

We have brought together New Zealand’s leaders in Diversity & Inclusion who will deliver pioneering strategies that have taken their D&I practices to the next level.


Laurent Sylvestre

Chief People & Culture Officer



Cath Lomax

General Manager People - Corporate



Rachel Hopkins

Chief Executive

Diversity Works NZ


Kaye Ryan

Deputy Chief Executive People & Culture

New Zealand Police


Kirstin Te Wao

Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Vodafone New Zealand


Susan Doughty

Manager - Diversity & Inclusion



Michael Moka


Indigenous Growth Limited


Michael Stevens

Program Director

The Rainbow Tick


Karen Skinner

Head of Respect & Inclusion

New Zealand Rugby


Reuben Araroa

Regional Operations Manager

Kiwi Rail


Kristy Matthews

Group Head of Talent & Inclusion



Brian Coffey


Office of Disability Issues


Julie Simpson

General Manager Experience and Employment Relationships

The Warehouse Group


Lian-Hong Brebner

Manager - Diversity & Inclusion

Auckland University of Technology


Emma Rutherford

Head of Diversity & Inclusion

NZ Transport Agency

  • Conference Day 1 - 19th March

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1 – 19th March 2019

    8:25am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:45am: Opening remarks from Chair: TBC

    8:50am: Opening Karakia & Mihi delivered by Kiwi Rail

    9:00am: OPENING KEYNOTE: Taking your business to the next level through D&I

    • Why you need to cultivate true leadership in Diversity & Inclusion
    • A holistic approach to achieving gender equality
    • Cultivating an inclusive national identity through Maori and Pacific Islander empowerment

    CONFIRMED: Rachel Hopkins, Chief Executive, Diversity Works NZ

    9:50am: KEYNOTE: Why you cannot afford gender inequality

    • Why gender equality is critical to your organisation’s future
      • Creating new conversations with your staff as a path to achieving balance
    • Overcoming institutional barriers to gender equality
    • Securing your position as an “Employer of Choice” through proactive female leadership strategies
    • How to cultivate top-down bottom up approaches to achieving gender parity

    CONFIRMED: Karen Skinner, Head of Respect & Inclusion, New Zealand Rugby

    10:40am: Morning tea

    11:00am: PANEL DISCUSSION: What is missing in our approaches to female empowerment?

    • What are the barriers to enhancing female leadership opportunities?
      • How can you overcome them?
    • How do we engage with the next generation of young women?
      • Unlocking the key to achieving millennial buy-in?
    • How can we drive female leadership with the Maori and Pacific Islander communities?
    • How can we integrate female leadership in a regional and global sector?

    CONFIRMED: Karen Skinner, Head of Respect & Inclusion, New Zealand Rugby

                            Andrew Norton, General Manager People, Kiwi Rail

    11:50am: CASE STUDY: Nudging towards an inclusive culture

    • Moving the dial on D&I in the STEM industry
    • Beginning by understanding the current culture and drawing on strengths
    • Creating your own blueprint – identifying the key initiatives for your organisation and its unique culture

    CONFIRMED: Laurent Sylvestre, Chief People & Culture Officer, & Kristy Matthews, Group Head of Talent & Inclusion, Beca

    12:40 pm Lunch

    1:40pm: CASE STUDY: Harmonising your work environment by eliminating unconscious bias  

    • Drive productivity by eliminating institutionally engrained cultural preconceptions
    • Disestablishing unconscious barriers to female empowerment
    • Cultivate cognitive approaches to cultural change
    • Unlocking your staff’s full potential through structing safer working environments
    • Effective strategies to mitigate internal resistance to change
      • Overcoming push back to cultural change

    CONFIRMED: Cath Lomax, General Manager People & Culture, BN

    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Cultivating LGBT Inclusivity

    • Why LGBTIQ Inclusion is vital to your company’s growth
      • Driving productivity by enabling staffs to assert their authentic self
    • Recognising the benefits of top-down bottom-up buy in to LGBTIQ inclusive strategies
    • Creating supportive environments for transgender employees

    CONFIRMED: Michael Stevens, Program Director, The Rainbow Tick

    3:20pm Afternoon tea

    3:40pm: CASE STUDY: Empowering and elevating indigenous leadership

    • Achieve empowerment by driving self-leadership and your own cultural identity.
    • Responding to influences affecting cultural differences
    • Overcoming institutional barriers to indigenous leadership
    • Adding genuine indigenous cultural value
    • Overcoming discrimination by driving cultural leadership and capability

    CONFIRMED, Reuben Araroa , Regional Operations Manager, Kiwi Rail 

    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Maximising your productivity by cultivating a multicultural workforce

    • Embracing a multicultural community as part of the national identity
      • Aligning your organisational values to community representation
    • Onboarding diverse qualities of a multicultural community into your operational psyche
    • Structuring your expectations around diverse multicultural practices


    5:20pm: End of day one

  • Conference Day 2 - 20th March

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 2 – 20th March 2019

    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair

    9:00am: KEYNOTE: Cultivating genuine Inclusion

    • How to establish yourself as a true leader in Diversity & Inclusion
    • Identifying and enhancing the hidden value of a diverse workforce
    • Driving genuine inclusion within your work force
      • Overcoming the stigma of “diversity for diversity sake”
    • Achieving community buy-in through genuine inclusion strategies

    CONFIRMED: Kirstin Te Wao, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Vodafone NZ


    9:50am: KEYNOTE: How to guarantee an ROI on inclusive initiatives

    • How to analyse your D&I strength and weaknesses
      • Effectively using data to align your D&I initiatives
    • Evaluating your approaches to D&I methodologies
    • Reaping the long-term benefits from proactive D&I pipeline strategies

    CONFIRMED: Kaye Ryan, Deputy Chief Executive People & Capability, New Zealand Police

    10:40am: Morning tea

    11:00am: PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the next steps in Diversity & Inclusion?

    • Are you seeing an ROI on your D&I strategies?
      • How to effectively measure your successes?
    • How has your D&I journey so far changed your methodologies?
    • What do you need do, to meet the challenges of the future?
    • Why continuous evaluation of your D&I Strategies is vital to your future!
    • How do we drive continuous improvement?
      • How do we measure it?

    CONFIRMED: Susan Doughty, D&I Manage, Fonterra

    Emma Rutherford, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, NZ Transport Agency

    Lian-Hong Brebner, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Auckland University of Technology

    Empowering Abilities

    11:50am: CASE STUDY: Access the broad spectrum of your employee talent by empowering staff with disabilities

    • Cementing your status as an “employer of choice” by maximising your staff’s potential
      • How to drive upskilling and career development opportunities
      • Cultivating and driving internal leadership growth
    • Supporting the individual nuances of staff with disabilities
    • Eliminating institutional obstacles to fair go opportunities

    CONFIRMED: Brian Coffey, Director , Office of Disability Issues 

    12:40 pm Lunch

    1:40pm: CASE STUDY: Cultivating a safe and secure workforce by combatting domestic violence 

    • Constructing safe and supportive networks for victims within the workplace
    • Educating your work force on domestic violence
    • Skilling your employees to undertake supportive roles
      • Championing anti-domestic violence leadership

    CONFIRMED: Gina Dellabraca, General Manager Human Resources, Westpac


    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: D&I recruitment best practices

    • Align yourself as an employer of choice by inclusive recruitment strategies
    • Identifying and enhancing the diverse intricacies of an inclusive workforce
    • Protect your talent retention through structuring culturally supportive working environments

    CONFRIMED: Julie Simpson, General Manager for Employee Relations, The Warehouse Group

    3:20pm Afternoon tea

    3:40pm: CASE STUDY: Retaining your competitiveness by future proofing institutional knowledge

    • Constructing effective upskilling practices
    • Driving effective mentoring strategies
      • Onboarding genuine generational interest
    • Embedding organisational loyalty through a strong workplace culture

    CONFIRMED: Kate Lyon, National Learning & Development Manager, Downer

    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Maximising your productivity through flexible work place practices

    • Cultivating a healthier approach toward workplace culture
      • Drive down recruitment costs through effective retention strategies
    • Eliminating out of date gender dynamic perceptions
      • Aligning your organisation with modern home life roles
    • Driving productivity through flexible workplace practices
    • Utilizing technology platforms to achieve greater interconnectivity

    CONFIRMED: Susan Doughty, Manager Diversity & Inclusion, Fonterra

    5:20pm: End of conference


  • Post Conference Workshop - 21st March

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 3 – 21st March 2019

    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair

    Workshop A

    9:00am: Workshop: Empowering indigenous growth

    Unlocking the key to empowering your Maori & Pacific Islander workforce requires an employer to gain a deeper understanding of the unique cultural traits that make up a proud culture. Genuine cultural understanding goes a long way to driving better outcomes for your employees and your organisations D&I outlook.

    Michael Moka  from Indigenous Growth Limited will deliver practical methodologies that will enhance your cultural competency. In this work shop you will learn.

    CONFIRMED: Michael Moka, Director, Indigenous Growth Limited

    Workshop B

    1:30pm: Workshop: Perfecting your D&I practices

    Measuring your diversity and inclusion success through ROI tracking is essential to keep you on course. Being able to internally identify what works and what doesn’t is a vital skill that organisations of all sizes throughout all industries must develop if they are to keep up with the constantly evolving D&I sphere and they consumer market they serve.

    This workshop will deliver practical take away strategies that will guarantee a successful ROI on your D&I practices.

    CONFIRMED: Diversity Works NZ


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