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Demand Side Management Summit 2019

The energy sector has an opportunity to optimise its approach towards Demand Side Management.

You can make Australia’s energy system more affordable and stable by managing energy loads effectively.

That’s why we’ve created the Demand Side Management Summit.

This two day event will give you the skills and knowledge to optimise your demand response outlook.

You will hear from Australia’s key retailers, regulators and innovators so that you can drive the commercial benefits of DSM and ensure efficient energy supply to the grid.

You will learn how to genuine and informative relationships with consumers, incorporate emerging technology within your DSM outlook,understand your regulator’s role and improve communication between the

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  30 - 01 May 2019
Novotel Sydney Central


Hear from Australias' leading energy retailers, regulators and distributors as they articulate the business case behind delivery an energy viable future for all Australians.


Two comprehensive days featuring expert keynote addresses, case studies, panel discussions and workshops.


A rare opportunity to engage with practitioners as they collaborate in this interactive workshop


Novotel Sydney Central
169 – 179 Thomas St
Sydney NSW 2000


  • Gain a holistic overview of DSM and its drivers
  • Implement DSM strategies effectively
  • Cultivate genuine relationships with your consumers
  • Incorporate emerging technology into demand response

Who should attend this conference

100%Head of Engineering

95%Demand Side Management Analysts

90%Network Managers

85%Market Engagement Strategists

80%Energy Analyst

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Chris Pattas

General Manager of Networks

Australian Energy Regulator


Gerard Reiter

Executive General Manager Asset Management



Mark Paterson

General Manager Consumer Energy

Horizon Power


Michael Zammit

Manager Commercial & Industrial Demand Response, Market Development



Steven Humphries

Demand Response Specialist

Australian Energy Market Operator


Suzanne Falvi

Executive General Manager

Australian Energy Market Commission


Zoltan Zdimirovic

Asset Integration Lead - Demand Response Programs

Energy Australia


Demand Response Management Team

Demand Response Management Team



Demand Side Management Stakeholder Engagement Team

Demand Side Management Stakeholder Engagement Team

City Smart

  • Conference Day 1 - 30th April 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1: Tuesday April 30th, 2019

    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair

    9:00am: OPENING KEYNOTE:  Optimising your demand side management
    • Cultivate effective strategies to secure your DSM ROI
    • Driving commercial buy-in towards DSM innovation
    • Producing greater grid flexibility
    • Achieving a profitable balance between traditional and innovative DSM
    delivery methods

    Speaker: Mark Paterson, General Manager, Horizon Power

    9:45am: CASE STUDY: Demand response and its role with demand side

    • Articulating the differences between demand side management
    and demand response
    • Cost effective strategies to demand response
    • Preserving your core function as providers
    • Driving the holistic commercial benefits of demand response

    Speaker: Zoltan Zdimirovic, Asset Integration Lead – Demand Response Programs, Energy Australia

    10:30 morning tea

    10:45 CASE STUDY: Cultivating equitable access to energy

    Driving community leadership towards share based energy assets

    Optimising equitable opportunities for energy delivery methods

    Future proofing your community buy-in through locally driven initiatives

    Speaker: Demand Management Team, AusGrid

    11:30am: Panel Discussion: What emerging technology do we need to incorporate in to demand response
    • Where are the opportunities to be innovative and address gaps in technology?
    • How do we fund disruptive ways to effectively distribute energy
    • How do we get organisation buy-in during risk adverse times
    • Are there opportunities and examples of technology we can implement from international


    Zoltan Zdimirovic, Asset Integration Lead – Demand Response Programs, Energy Australia

    Demand Management Team, AusGrid

    Pending Confirmation

    12:15 Lunch

    1:15pm: Key Note: Cultivate positive relationships with consumers
    • Driving inclusive and informative engagement strategies with
    • How to cultivate an informed consumer base
    • How to anticipate consumer demand through the effective use of data
    • Secure community buy-in through genuine engagement strategies
    • How to guarantee message retention
    • How to articulate the cost benefits of Demand Management with
    stakeholders and consumers

    Speaker: Michael Zammit, Manager Commercial & Industrial Demand Response, Market Development, AGL

    2:00pm CASE STUDY: Appreciation the regulators role in effective DSM
    • Creating continuity within the energy sector to cultivate efficiency
    • Form an environment where all sectors work together to roll out DSM
    • Counteracting obstacles due to a lack of maturity in the energy market
    • Addressing commercial agreements in place for energy supply and the
    penalties and restrictions that are typically built-in.

    Speaker:  Chris Pattas, General Manager of Networks, Australian Energy Regulator

    2:45pm: CASE STUDY:  Keynote: Enabling wholesale demand response in the national electricity market

    • Designing a mechanism to facilitate wholesale demand response
    • Better integration of distributed energy resources
    • Further options to support an active demand side.

    Speaker: Suzanne Falvi, Executive General Manager of Security and Reliability, AEMC

    3:30pm Afternoon tea

    3:45pm: KEYNOTE: Demystifying demand side management
    • Incorporating and applying the traditional concepts of DSM to a new market
    • Eliminating confusion by ensuring transparency to stakeholders and consumers
    • Capitalising on the benefits of DSM

    Speaker: Steven Humphries, Demand Response Specialist, Australian Energy Market Operator

    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Communication between the grids

    • Integrating Smart grids to overcome challenges that hinder demand side management
      • Old infrastructure
      • Lack of communication
      • Increasing demand for energy
    • Utilising a digital grid strategy to create an adaptable and resilient grid that meets the needs of future energy systems.
    • Microgeneration technology triggering different meanings relating to energy management

    Speaker: Gerard Reiter, Executive General Manager Asset Management, TransGrid

    5:15pm: End of conference


  • Post Conference Workshop - 1st May 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 2: Wednesday 1st May, 2019

    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair


    9:00am Workshop A: The art of effective stakeholder engagement

    When the conversation surrounds energy, emotions run high. Passions overshadow truth and your message gets lost in a vast sea of misconceptions. Getting past the emotion and building meaningful conversations with your consumers and stakeholders is often the deciding factor in your campaign’s success.

    In this workshop you will learn how to:

    • Cultivate consumer buy-in
    • Construct positive relationships with consumers and stakeholders
    • Guarantee message retention
    • Drive shared ownership of strategic outcomes


    CONFIRMED: City Smart

    12:30pm Lunch

    1:30pm Workshop B: Driving a digital approach to Demand Side Management

    As retailers and distributors shift towards an autonomous means of management demand response; innovative and lateral approaches to driving this technological evolution are required if this is to be achieved

    Invigorate your drive towards an efficient and autonomous future.

    Learning outcomes to follow.


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