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Commercial Use of Drones Summit 2019

Drone technology is the key to revolutionising how Australian organisations operate.

This will only be achieved by gaining an understanding of what drones can do for you.

Gain a hands-on insight into launching your drone journey, drive operational success, understand regulation and risk mitigation and appreciating full potential of drone technology will place you at the forefront of this cutting-edge capability.

That is why the Commercial Use of Drones Summit 2019 exists. Gain the skills to successfully on-board drones and elevate your operational capability.

The Commercial Use of Drones Summit 2019 will articulate the business case for on boarding drones as a path to increasing efficiency.

You will learn how like-minded organisations have crossed the threshold and embraced drone technology by mapping out their drone integration journey, addressing risk and regulatory concerns and understanding the full applications of drone technology.

This is your chance to take the controls of your drone journey and take your operational capability to the next level.

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  21 - 23 May 2019
TBC, Sydney


Hear from leading RPASs regulators, innovators and operators as they lay bare the full capabilities drones can offer your organisation.


3 Days of hands on interactions with the latest drone applications and technologies


2 comprehensive workshops that explore the key steps to launching and innovating your own drone program.


TBC, Sydney


  • Practical demonstrations of RPASs capabilities
  • Step by step introduction to onboarding RPAS capabilities
  • Gain a holistic understanding of RPAS regulation
  • Drive drone innovation in an emerging market

Who should attend this conference

100%Engineering Disciplines

95%Digital & Asset Intelligence

90%Spatial Managers

80%Local Government & State Government Agency's

75%Agribusiness Operators

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Anthony Roe

Head of Digital Technology, Mining Energy and Industrial



Prof. Tim Ryley

Head of Aviation

Griffith University


Martin Bass

Engagement Consultant

Local Government NSW


Ian Pridgeon


Russell Kennedy Lawyers


Dr Elliot Duff

Robotics Research Lead

CSIROs - Data 61


Dominic Di Martino

Asset & Property Services Manager

Brimbank City Council


Blyth Short

Asset Management Coordinator

Byron Shire Council


Juho Rossi

Senior RPAS Manager

Port Macquarie Hastings Council


Aviation Unit

Senior Representative

Fire & Rescue NSW


Scott Townsend

Senior Pilot

Tamworth Regional Council


Kieran Sobra

Senior Spatial Analyst



Senior Representative

RPAS Operations Team

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

  • Conference Day 1 - 21st May 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1 – 21st May 2019

    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair – TBC

    Drones and the future

    9:00am: OPENING KEYNOTE: Why Australia’s future lies in pioneering drone technology

    • How drone technology is shifting the way Australian businesses compete
    • Why investing in drone innovation is vital to Australian market success
    • Driving user friendly technology to foster consumer relationships

    CONFIRMED: Luke Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer, CSIRO – Data 61

    9:45am: KEYNOTE: Pragmatic approach to drone safety by understanding regulation

    • Developing a genuine understanding of drone regulation
      • Asserting a clear line between commercial and recreational drone operators
    • Simplifying your pipeline development around evolving regulation
    • Aligning your commercial capabilities around regulations
      • Striking the balance between regulation and innovation

    PENDING CONFIRMATION: Civil Aviation Safety Authority

    10:30am: Morning tea

    The business case for drones

    10:45am: CASE STUDY: Driving your operational success through drone innovation  

    • Articulating cost benefits of onboarding drone technology
    • How to construct viable frameworks to launch your own drone program
    • Securing company buy-in towards drone innovation
      • Future proofing your innovative investments

    CONFIRMED: Juho Rossi, Senior RPAS Manager, Port Macquarie Hastings Council

    11:30am: CASE STUDY: Unlocking the hidden value of drone data applications  

    • Capitalising on the raw value of enhanced data acquisition strategies
      • Determining the commercial value of your data
    • Injecting qualitive data into your project outcomes
    • How to make your data gathering strategies commercially viable
      • Knowing what to do with your data

    PENDING CONFRIMATION: Anthony Wallgate, Senior Firefighter Aviation Unit, Fire & Rescue NSW

    12:15 pm Lunch

    Integrating drones into your operations

    1:15pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: What to expect on your drone integration journey

    • What are the first step towards on boarding drones?
      • What factors should you consider?
    • What are the barriers to driving drone innovation?
      • How can you overcome them?
    • How can you measure success in your drone programs?
      • Creating realistic KPIs’ correlating to your programs maturity

    CONFIRMED: Blyth Short, Asset Management Coordinator – Infrastructure Services, Byron Shire Council

    Scott Townsend, Senior Pilot, Tamworth Regional Council

    Ian Pridgeon, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers

    Upskilling & Risk Mitigation

    2:00pm: CASE STUDY: How to cultivate an efficient and innovative workforce

    • Harnessing the results of effective drone usage
    • Comprehensive analysis of the lateral applications of drone technology
      • Accessing the full range of your drones’ capabilities
    • Preserving your innovative legacy through internal development

    CONFIRMED: Professor Tim Ryley, Head of Aviation, Griffith University 

    2:45pm Afternoon tea

    3:00pm: CASE STUDY: Structuring effective risk mitigation policy and procedures

    • Achieving results whilst negotiating risk mitigation
    • Working within your limitations
      • Maintaining the balance between in-house capabilities and outsourcing projects
    • Protecting yourself through a holistic risk management approach
    • Overcoming the stigma associated with droneS



    A unique opportunity to witness first hand the full capability of commercial drone technology


    5:20pm: End of day one

  • Conference Day 2 - 22nd May 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 2 – 22nd May 2019

    Top-down bottom up approach to innovation

    9:00am: INDUSTRY KEYNOTE: The operationalisation of Drone Technology into the Service Provider Sector of Australia.

    • The challenges of finding the optimum supply chain of hardware and software for UAV technologies for Industrial Operations.
    • The introduction of “best practice” methodologies to operate and comply to CASA Operating Licenses.
    • Examples of “use cases” driving operational effectiveness and delivering value to clients in the Industrial Sector.

    CONFIRMED: Anthony Roe, Head of Digital Technology, Downer Group

    9:45am: CASE STUDY: Pioneering eco-economic strategies through drone integration  

    • Driving eco-friendly approaches to data collection
    • Securing quantitative and qualitive data while minimising your physical footprint
    • Driving next-gen research through drone integration

    CONFIRMED: Kieran Sobra, Senior Spatial Analyst, GHD

    10:30am: Morning tea

    Agribusiness in the 21st Century

    10:45am: INDUSTRY CASE STUDY: Agriculture and drones

    • Using drones to drive innovation within agribusiness
    • Evolving traditional agricultural practices
      • Valuing the cost benefits of drones in rural Australia
    • Constructing supportive frameworks
      • Overcoming infrastructural and physical limitations to growth


    Securing your programs future

    11:30am: CASE STUDY: Gaining staff buy-in behind drone technology 

    • Confidently embracing new capabilities
      • Overcoming generational barriers to learning and development strategies
    • Nurturing internal continuous development
    • Developing new career paths within your organisations
      • Identifying the benefits of single stream drone asset management

    CONFIRMED: Dominic Di Martino, Asset & Property Services Manager, Brimbank City Council

    12:15 pm Lunch

    1:15pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: How do you drive continuous improvement in your drone program?

    • What difficulties did you experience?
      • How did you overcome them?
    • What success have you experienced?
      • What do you want to explore?
    • What societal barriers are restricting you from gaining full advantage?
    • What is next for your drone program?

    CONFIRMED: Dominic Di Martino, Asset & Property Services Manager, Brimbank City Council



    Effective asset management

    2:00pm: CASE STUDY: How a collaborative approach to drone asset management will prolong the drone lifecycle

    • Streamline resources through collaborative approaches to technology
    • Establishing effective partnerships to deliver greater outcomes
    • Offsetting operational costs when contemplating cost benefit analysis

    CONFIRMED: Scott Townsend, Senior Pilot, Tamworth Regional Council

    2:45pm Afternoon tea

    3:00pm: CASE STUDY: Onboarding strategic drone detection capabilities

    • Using drones to safe guard your infrastructure
      • Protecting your physical assets
    • Constructing effective drone detection strategies
    • Driving Effective detection data management



    A unique opportunity to witness first hand the full capability of commercial drone technology

    5:20pm: End of conference

  • Post Conference Workshop - Day 3 23rd May 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 3 – 23rd May 2019


    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair

    9am: Workshop A: Structing your own drone program

    In this workshop you will gain a comprehensive step by step introduction on what steps you need to know, when establishing your own drone program.

    Learn how to:

    • Understand regulations & certifications
    • Organisational preparedness
    • Ongoing training development
    • Enhancing your capabilities
    • Maintaining your RPAS assets

    CONFIRMED: Martin Bass, Senior Pilot, Morrison Aerial Robotics

    12:30pm: Lunch

    1:30pm: Workshop B: Protecting your programs from liability

    Legal protection is always a key concern for any organisation on boarding their drone operations. In this workshop you will learn to structure your legal indemnity protection to that will support your RPAS operations and give you the confidence to embrace the full potential that RPAS offer.


    5:20pm: End of day three


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