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February 25, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Perth

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February 25, 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Konnect Learning
02 8248 0200
Cliftons Perth
Ground Floor, 191 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000 Australia
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  • About the Course

    A solid understanding of Emotional Intelligence is a core competency for today’s corporate leaders. Those with a high ‘EQ’ are able to discern what drives the behaviour of others, being better equipped to lead and drive improved performance in their teams,
    divisions and companies.

    Leading with Emotional Intelligence will give you the tools to understand why emotions are integral to how you interact within the workplace. You will correctly perceive think about, understand and manage emotions in both yourself and others. Emotionally intelligent leaders perform, inspire and communicate more effectively than those who are not.

  • Who Should Attend

    This one day workshop is useful for all those who lead or work with other people regardless of the size of the organisation. This includes:
    ■ CEOs, middle management, line managers and supervisors
    ■ HR and personnel managers
    ■ All levels of general, operations, administration and sales management Anyone
    ■ Project managers and team leaders
    ■ Sales and Customer Services Personnel
    ■ Those new to management positions
    ■ All those in a professional setting who aim to improve their assertive communication skills

  • Agenda

    8:30 Registration
    9:00 Start

    SESSION 1: An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
    ■ Recognise the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace
    ■ Review the Mayer, Salovey and Caruso Four branch model of emotional intelligence

    SESSION 2: Perceiving emotions in both the self and others
    ■ Accurately perceive one’s own and others emotions to make the right responses at the right time
    ■ Correctly perceive non-verbal as well as verbal cues
    ■ Nonverbal emotional responses include:
    ■ Changes in breathing pattern
    ■ Facial expressions
    ■ Posture
    ■ Vocalisations
    ■ Head and eye movement
    ■ Muscle contractions

    SESSION 3: Using emotion to facilitate thought
    ■ Understanding how emotions can change the way people think
    ■ How to use positive thoughts to assist:
    ■ Effective problem-solving
    ■ Reasoning
    ■ Decision making
    ■ Creative endeavors
    ■ Thoughts can be disrupted by stressful events
    ■ Implementing skills that are required to re-prioritise what is important in your work and personal life

    SESSION 4: Understand emotion in yourself and others
    ■ Understanding primary emotions and the essentials to emotional intelligence
    ■ Learning the prerequisites to self-control and anger management
    ■ Preventing frustrations and rage intensification
    ■ Understanding the emotions of others is vital for empathetic interaction

    SESSION 5: Managing emotions in yourself and others
    ■ Understanding the significant relationship that exists between the ability to manage emotions and the quality of workplace interactions
    ■ Preventing the ignorance of feelings approach to management of emotions
    ■ Preventing the problems associated with not being able to problem solve due to a lack of emotional awareness
    ■ The amygdala – making it work for you, not against you
    ■ Assigning emotional significance to that which is being experienced
    ■ The amygdala can be described as the brain’s memory bank or storeroom, collating sights and sounds, hopes and fears, pain and joy, frustrations and triumphs and assessing them as a threat or opportunity. It matches what is happening in the present moment to the stored template of past experiences

    5:00 Close of program

  • About the Trainer

    Mel Neil, Australian Positive Psychology Practitioner and Consultant, Mind Fitness

    Mel Neil is an Australian positive psychology practitioner and consultant. She designs and delivers custom emotional intelligence and strengths based leadership and performance programs for public and private sector clients. As a credentialed trainer in leading emotional intelligence and positive psychology assessment instruments, Mel also provides certified training, course facilitation and coaching.
    The uniting theme of Mel’s work is her desire to empower and facilitate the success of individuals and communities. This objective drives the astute application of her positive psychology research, knowledge and skills to teach both leaders and teams how to increase personal, business and collective wellbeing.

  • Price & Booking Details

    First In RATE
    $999 + GST if you register and pay before 29th November

    $1099 + GST if you register and pay before 25th January

    $1199 + GST if you register and pay AFTER 25th January

  • Location Details

    Cliftons Training Centre
    191 St Georges Terrace
    Perth WA 60000


SEI - Early Bird Rate$ 1,099.00 ex GST

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