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Blockchain Summit 2018

Practical applications of blockchain

Australian businesses stand at a crossroads with blockchain technology. The initial hype of its revolutionary potential is beginning to dissipate, but we are yet to see its large-scale business application, or even what it will look like. As nimble start-ups drive the commercial usage of blockchain, now is the time to interrogate its true pragmatic value and what it takes to implement it within your organisation.

This summit will outline the current and future practical applications of blockchain technology, how it can be implemented within businesses, what barriers need to be overcome and what regulatory and legal areas require further scrutiny. It will feature keynotes, case studies and panel discussions with all relevant stakeholders to ensure every issue is thoroughly addressed.

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  28 - 30 November 2018
The Grace Hotel


This event will bring together business leaders, innovators, legal and regulatory thought leaders and visionary start-ups.


Over four information-packed days you will hear case studies and practical best practice lessons on how to implement blockchain in your business.


Interactive sessions designed to give you the skills you need to take you take the next step in your blockchain strategy.


Novotel Sydney Central


  • Understand the practical business applications of blockchain technology
  • Optimise implementation and creating the right ecosystem for blockchain
  • Overcoming the barriers to entry to using blockchain
  • Learn best-practice use of blockchain in the market
  • Navigate the regulatory and security aspects of blockchain
  • Drive internal and external buy-in for blockchain innovation

Who should attend this conference

100%Chief Executive and Board


99%Legal and Risk Professionals

98%IT Program Manager

97%Lead Architect, Head of Systems Design

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Sudhir Upadhyay

Vice President, Engineering & Architecture, Emerging Technologies

J.P. Morgan (USA)


Letina Connelly

Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Technology Officer – APAC



Andrew Koay

Vice President - FinTech & Data, Technology Unit

Singapore Exchange (SGP)


Scott Rigby

Head of Digital Transformation



Sophie Gilder

Head of Experimentation - Blockchain, Embodied AI & Emerging Technology

Commonwealth Bank


Stephen Godbold

Head of Technology, Innovation and Strategy for BTS



Dr. Adrian McCullagh

Blockchain Technical Commiottee Member

Standards Australia


Bryan Clark

Director of Trade and International Affairs

Australian Chamber of Commerce


Vaughan Knight

Senior Software Engineering Manager



David Burela

Senior Technical Evangelist



David Hyland-Wood

Vice Chair - Technical Specification Working Group

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


Chris Berg

Postdoctoral Fellow

RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub


Claire Wivell Plater


The Fold Legal


Simon Burns

Partner – TMT Group

Gilbert + Tobin


Michael Bacina


Piper Alderman


Hannah Glass

Senior Associate

King & Wood Mallesons


Leanne Kemp

Founder and Chief Executive Officer



Jemma Green

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Power Ledger


Katrina Donaghy

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Civic Ledger


Kain Warwick

Founder/Co-Founder & CEO



Emma Weston

Chief Executive Officer



Emma Poposka

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer



Burhaan Targett

Presales Technical Consultant



John Baird

Chief Executive Officer

Ultimo Digital Technologies/UCOT

  • SUMMIT AGENDA: DAY 1 – 28 November 2018

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1 – 28 November 2018

    Business Potential and Implementation


    8:50AM: OPENING REMARKS FROM YOUR CHAIR:Dr Adrian McCullagh, Blockchain Technical Committee Chair, Standards Australia


    9:00am: OPENING KEYNOTE: The past, present and future of blockchain

    • The evolution of blockchain for business: Using old technology to solve new problems
    • How blockchain converges with IoT, AI and other technologies
    • Charting progress in blockchain over the past 12 months:
      • Introduction of layer 2 technology and drawbacks of the original blockchain
      • The current state of market adoption and market fitness of blockchain
    • Navigating the platforms: Ethereum, NEO, Quorum, Hyperledger
    • How Australia is travelling in the global adoption of blockchain

    Dan Grace, Senior Vice President – Advanced Center Innovation, Bank of America (USA)


    9:50am: KEYNOTE: Comprehending the business applications of blockchain

    • Understanding the difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
    • Determining the areas where blockchain can improve business process
    • Ensuring a strategic vision for blockchain applications
    • Which industries are leading the way in blockchain use:
      • Fintech
      • Supply Chain and logistics
      • Agriculture
      • Education and Health
    • Ascertaining which businesses are readiest for blockchain integration

    Sudhir Upadhyay, Vice President, Engineering & Architecture, Emerging Technologies, J.P. Morgan (USA)


    10:40am: Morning tea


    11:00am: CASE STUDY: Implementing blockchain in your organisation

    • Creating the right environment for the effective implementation of blockchain
    • How to develop a use case for blockchain in your organisation
    • Developing a framework for blockchain implementation
    • Pinpointing the optimal timing for your implementation strategy

    Letina Connelly, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Technology Officer – APAC, IBM


    11:50am: CASE STUDY: Overcoming the barriers to start using blockchain

    • Understanding the needs of the organisation vs. the needs of the technology
    • Avoid wasted investment and boost functionality by linking legacy systems
    • Determining appropriate governance for a still nascent technology
    • Finding, training and retaining talent


    Vaughan Knight, Senior Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

    David Burela, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft


    12:40 pm Lunch


    1:20pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: Should you use blockchain?

    • What are the most common misuses of blockchain for enterprise?
    • What is the best way to designate an application for blockchain?
    • How do we ensure that blockchain will add value over traditional means?
    • How do we avoid trading on the hype?

    Sophie Gilder, Head of Experimentation – Blockchain, Embodied AI & Emerging Technology, Commonwealth Bank

    Stephen Godbold, Head of Technology, Innovation and Strategy for BTS, Telstra

    Reza Chady, Head of Innovation Lab & Data Science, Nasdaq

    Burhaan Targett, Presales Technical Consultant, Readify




    Change Management and Legal Issues


    2:10pm: CASE STUDY: Developing standards for business applications of blockchain

    • Drive implementation of blockchain by adopting a standard upfront
    • Fostering interoperability with blockchain standards
    • ISO/TC 307 and Australia’s role in blockchain standards

    Dr Adrian McCullagh, Blockchain Technical Committee Chair, Standards Australia


    2:50pm: CASE STUDY: Driving organisational buy-in for blockchain

    • Ascertaining and expressing the ROI of blockchain
    • Translating technical excitement into business value by removing blockchain jargon
    • Ensuring that internal stakeholders understand what blockchain can and can’t do
    • The shock of the new: Overcoming the fear of the unknown

    Scott Rigby, Head of Digital Transformation – APAC, Adobe


    3:30pm Afternoon tea


    3:40pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the legal implications of blockchain?

    • How enforceable are smart contracts?
    • What are the issues around liability in relation to malfunctioning blockchain services?
    • How can organisations address jurisdictional issues for international contracts?
    • Can vendors commit to service levels and performance assurances?
    • What intellectual property issues might come out of widespread blockchain application?
    • What legal status should be attributed to Decentralised Autonomous Organisations?


    Claire Wivell Plater, Chairman, The Fold Legal

    Simon Burns, Partner – TMT Group, Gilbert + Tobin

    Michael Bacina, Partner, Piper Alderman

    Hannah Glass, Senior Associate, King & Wood Mallesons


    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Regulating blockchain: Staying on top of emerging technology

    • How regulators are approaching blockchain
    • Towards industry-specific regulation for blockchain
    • Best-practice compliance for your organisation
    • What regulatory frameworks currently apply to blockchain start-ups
    • Regulatory issues around digital tokens

    Chris Berg, Postdoctoral Fellow, RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub


    5:20pm: End of day one & networking drinks

  • SUMMIT AGENDA: DAY 2 – 29 November 2018

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 2 – 29 November 2018


    8:50AM: OPENING REMARKS FROM YOUR CHAIR:Dr Adrian McCullagh, Blockchain Technical Committee Chair, Standards Australia

    Applying Blockchain


    9:00am: CASE STUDY: Transforming the Singapore Stock Exchange with blockchain

    • Optimising old stock exchange systems for new needs
    • Deriving maximum value with liquidity optimisation
    • Confirming transactions with transaction signatures

    Andrew Koay, Vice President – FinTech & Data, Technology Unit, Singapore Exchange


    9:40am: CASE STUDY: Enterprise Ethereum Alliance: Taking advantage of EEA standards, practices and the growing developer community

    • Harnessing blockchain standards to create real-world, interoperable applications for business environments worldwide
    • Driving business collaboration, market participation and data security by enabling Web 3.0 with standards-based blockchain
    • How the EEA’s Special Interest Groups are creating unprecedented value for diverse businesses and industries

    David Hyland-Wood, Vice Chair – Technical Specification Working Group, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


    Blockchain in Action

    10:20am: CASE STUDY: Cryptocurrency and business: ICOs, tokens and the future of money

    • The current and future landscape of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings
    • Examining the cases for and against Central Bank Digital Currencies
    • When and why to consider an ICO for your organisation
    • Towards an ICO Code of ethics

    Kain Warwick, Founder/Co-Founder & CEO, Havven/blueshyft



    11:00am: Morning tea


    11:20am: CASE STUDY: Why blockchain technology is good for government

    If we think about blockchain as a national digital infrastructure layer that underpins all transactions with citizens, customers and organisations and coupled with digital currency, what would the future state government look like?

    Katrina Donaghy, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Civic Ledger



    12:00pm: KEYNOTE: Provenance and the blockchain in practice

    • Driving transparency through tamper-proof provenance
    • Verifying authenticity using digital thumbprints stored on the blockchain
    • Digital thumbprint applications for banks, insurers and the open marketplace

    Leanne Kemp, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Everledger



    12:40pm: CASE STUDY: The blockchain supply chain

    • How blockchain is revolutionising the agriculture industry
    • Using blockchain for transaction and settlement of commodities and managing supply chain risk
    • Integrating blockchain back-end into simple, user-friendly apps

    Emma Weston, Chief Executive Officer, AgriDigital



    1:20pm Lunch


    2:00pm: CASE STUDY: Reimagining essential services through blockchain

    • Driving transformation in the energy sector with blockchain
    • Peer-to-peer energy trading using Blockchain enhanced processes
    • Creating a new ‘electricity internet’ backed by battery storage

    James Eggleston, Business Development/Doctoral Researcher, Power Ledger/CUSP Institute




    2:40pm: CASE STUDY: Engaging your industry to standardise blockchain

    • Communicating the benefits of blockchain to the industry as a whole
    • Initiating an industry-based consortium for blockchain adoption
    • Aligning and connecting industry stakeholders to successfully implement blockchain
    • Ensuring optimal collaboration and data sharing between organisations

    Bryan Clark, Director of Trade and International Affairs, Australian Chamber of Commerce



    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    3:30pm: CASE STUDY: Powering digital identity management with Blockchain

    • Ensuring accessible, accurate and unmediated personal data with blockchain
    • Avoiding data privacy breaches with self-managed identity
    • How blockchain powers decentralised identity

    Emma Poposka, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, bron.tech




    4:10pm: CASE STUDY: A digitized supply chain ecosystem powered by the latest 5G NB-IoT and Blockchain technologies

    • Driving supply chain efficiency with NB-IoT and blockchain technologies
    • Providing total supply chain traceability from ‘farm to plate’
    • Preventing product tampering and counterfeiting by using NB-IoT microchips to report conditions to the blockchain in real-time

    John Baird, Chief Executive Officer, Ultimo Digital Technologies




    4:50pm: End of conference

  • Day Three – Post-Conference Workshops – 30th November 2018

    Day Three – Post-Conference Workshops – 30th November 2018

    Workshop A: 9:00am – 12.30pm:

    How can blockchain improve your business?

    There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding the potential of blockchain technology, but how can it actually help your business in the here-and-now? Identifying relevant and beneficial use cases is essential to properly exploit the potential of blockchain and avoid the unnecessary cost and effort of inappropriate programs. It is vital that organisational leaders identify appropriate opportunities in their organisation. Attendees of this workshop will learn how to identify these use cases.


    This workshop will cover:

    • Is blockchain the right solution for you?
    • Which industries stand to gain the most from blockchain
    • Which parts of your organisation can blockchain improve?
    • How organisational outcomes can be improved
    • Where blockchain can drive this improvement over traditional methods
    • Moving from project identification to design

    Workshop facilitator: Peter Jessup, Former Senior Vice President of Global Software Development and Head of Development for Market Technology Systems, Nasdaq

    Peter Jessup is the former Senior Vice President of Global Software Development and Head of Development for Market Technology Systems at Nasdaq. In this role, he lead the software design, development and support functions for many of the Company’s leading trading and clearing solutions, including GENIUM INET Trading and X-stream INET Trading, X-stream CSD and Clearing, and Sentinel Post- trade Risk Management, serving a global client base. Peter has more than 30 years of experience in designing, building, and supporting IT systems in the financial services sector. Since joining Company in 1996, he has held various technology roles, including product manager for the X-stream trading platform and as a technical architect and system designer supporting several exchanges and market operations worldwide.


    Workshop B: 1:30pm – 5:00pm:

    Using blockchain in your business

    The next step in harnessing the potential of blockchain is designing and running a pilot project, and ultimately implementing it within your business. The success or failure of your blockchain implementation depends on how well your organisation can adapt and create the right ecosystem for it. This workshop will take you through all the necessary steps to implement blockchain within your business.


    This workshop will cover:

    • How to implement blockchain in your organisation
    • Best practice in blockchain pilot program design
    • Overcoming the barriers to start using blockchain in your organisation
    • Engaging relevant internal and external partners and stakeholders with blockchain
    • Understand how to analyse your blockchain pilot throughout its lifecycle
    • Learn how to identify program issues and methods for program improvement
    • Transitioning from the pilot project stage to the next level


    Workshop facilitator: Michael Aaron, Former A/NZ Blockchain Business Development Leader, IBM

    Michael Aaron spent over 36 years in Financial Services for IBM, retiring in October 2017. At IBM, Michael held a variety of Banking and Financial Markets Industry sales and leadership positions across Asia, with a continuous focus on the application of new technologies’ based transformation to clients and the financial services industry as a whole. Michael’s specialty areas included payment systems, core banking and Central Banking. In his most recent position as IBM A/NZ Blockchain Leader, Michael developed an understanding of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, including its applicability to the transformation to any business involved in business networks and supply chains, whether financial or industrial.


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