Top Tips for being assertive without being aggressive

assertive 2

Executive and personal assistants are in a unique position in business. They are responsible for upholding the expectations of some of the most senior executives in their business, yet technically hold none of the clout. It can be incredibly challenging finding the tools to assert the correct amount of authority and confidence without over-stepping the […]

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Top tips for dealing with difficult people

Difficult People

There are some pretty wonderful people in the world. They inspire us, they build us up and they make us want to be better just by being around them. Unfortunately they generally have an equal and opposite force, hell-bent on making our lives difficult. Enter the difficult people. These people make things challenging, they try […]

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Stress, conflict and knowing what pushes your buttons

What pushes your buttons? Remember a time when you so unexpectedly reacted to something and thought, WOW, that’s not like me, didn’t feel “that one” coming. Gosh, my throwing skills are more awesome than I remember and – my personal favourite –  never knew such colourful words lurked, waiting to explode from the darkest corners […]

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TOSS Your Bias

TOSS Your Bias In case you are worried about your tendency to judge other people who seem different to you, relax. You’re not alone. Everyone in the world has the same issue. If you read this and claim to never judge, think again. Bias is a natural outcome of how the brain works. There will […]

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Dealing with difficult people

  Dealing with difficult people: Is someone being “difficult”? Show them who you are. Do you deal with difficult people at work? What makes them difficult to work with? What is the difficulty that you experience when interacting with them? We don’t usually choose the people we work with. So the likelihood of not feeling ‘connected’ […]

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