8 Tips to kick start your diversity program

Diveristy 6

Look briefly at the ASX Top 200. You’ll find an over representation of white men in senior executive positions after a glance. There are few women, there are no ethnic minorities, there is one LGBITIQ representative, there are no indigenous Australians. The same can be said for a host of minorities. Australia is a diverse […]

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Diversity. It’s more than a buzzword

Now, more than ever, is the time to promote diversity in your workplace The most recent events in Orlando show how far we have to with diversity acceptance. A tragedy such as the Orlando massacre is utterly devastating to both the LGBTI community and humanity in general. At Konnect Learning, we offer our deepest sympathies […]

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Diversity. It’s important

  “I struggle for the most appropriate way to address transgender people.” That’s my confession to our conference chair of Leadership in Diversity, successful coach and an openly transgender woman, Joanna Ferrari. “What is the correct term?” “People”. She responds. “Just call them people.” I’ve spent some time thinking about what this means. To just […]

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Diversity is more than gender or race

While employing people of different race and gender goes a long way towards improving organizational performance, it’s just a start. Developing a high performing, innovative and resilient workforce requires people to be open to divergent thinking and ideas at all levels in all ways. That’s where Diversity in Leadership comes in. The brain is a […]

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