Tips for Increasing your Emotional Intelligence

How to increase your emotional intelligence Since it’s identification by psychologists John Mayer and Peter Salovey in 1990, Emotional Intelligence has been that elusive personality trait we all know we should want. Yet, it often seems unattainable. Emotional Intelligence, otherwise known as Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the measure of your ability to manage both your […]

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Top 10 tips to drive your change management program

To kick off, it’s best we’re all on the same page in terms of change management definitions. Change Management (CM) refers to any approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations using methods intended to re-direct the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company or organization. […]

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Dealing with difficult people

  Dealing with difficult people: Is someone being “difficult”? Show them who you are. Do you deal with difficult people at work? What makes them difficult to work with? What is the difficulty that you experience when interacting with them? We don’t usually choose the people we work with. So the likelihood of not feeling ‘connected’ […]

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