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Community & Stakeholder Engagement Summit 2019

We believe you can unite the community and industry to achieve common goals.

This can only be done through your commitment to open and transparent communication. Yet you’ll also need the skills to on-board disengaged communities, curate targeted digital engagement strategies and ensure the message resonates with the audience. That is why the Community & Stakeholder Engagement Summit 2019 exists. So you can ensue win-win outcomes for all stakeholders through articulate and innovative communication approaches.

The Community & Stakeholder Engagement Summit 2019 will give you the confidence to communicate your message and secure win-win outcomes. You will learn how heads of communication and stakeholder engagement have cultivated genuine engagement, incorporated targeted digital messaging, achieved success across volatile campaigns and reconnected with disengaged communities.

This is your chance to align your organisational goals with all level of stakeholders.

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  05 - 07 March 2019
The Sydney Boulevard Hotel


Hear from Stakeholder specialists from a range of leading Australian and international organisations.


Over three captivating days you will hear future thinking case studies with engaging panel discussions and interactive audience participation.


Interactive sessions designed to give you the practical skills you need to initiate positive community and stakeholder engagement that will guarantee the delivery of greater engagement outcomes.


The Sydney Boulevard Hotel 90 William Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2011


  • Drive digital integration as part of your engagement strategies
  • Cultivate genuine engagement practices
  • Structure effective crises management policies
  • Maximise your engagement reach through social media
  • How to optimise community and stakeholder engagement across the private and public sector
  • Cultivate grass roots community engagement through culturally diverse strategies

Who should attend this conference

100%Stakeholder Engagement Managers & Community Engagement Managers

95%Head of communications/ communications managers & Head of Public Relations

91%Head of Public Affairs/Public Affairs managers & Head of Media Relations/Media

85%Digital / Online Engagement & External Relations managers

80%Communications Managers/officers, Director, Government Relations & Stakeholder Governance & Head of Public Affairs & Community Engagement

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers

We have brought together Australia’s leading private sector community and stakeholder engagement innovators.


James Avery

Chief Operating Officer

GWS Giants


Kylie Cochrane

Global Lead Community and Stakeholder Engagement



Tim Holmes

Communications & Stakeholder Director

West Gate Tunnel Project


Kimberley Tunbridge

Senior Stakeholder & Community Engagement Manager



Jodie Taylor

Head of Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement

International Towers


Allen Rodwell

Senior Community & Stakeholder Engagement Manager

John Holland


John McCormack

Senior Government & Community Relations Manager

AGL Engergy


Carole Littlefair

National Stakeholder Engagement & Land Access Manager

Fulton Hogan


Alison Gillies

Group Band & Communications Manager


  • Conference Day 1 - 5th March 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1 – 5th March 2019

    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair


    9:00am: OPENING KEYNOTE: Stakeholder Engagement in the 21st Century

    • Driving customer focus engagement strategies
    • Adapting engagement methodologies to reflect modern technology
    • What technology can we leverage to drive more effective community and stakeholder practices


    CONFIRMED: Jason Avery, Chief Operating Officer, GSW Giants

    9:45am: CASE STUDY: Embracing the digital evolution of community relations

    • Drive down costs by realigning your engagement strategies
      • Embracing the digital era
    • Harnessing the multiplier effect of digital communications
    • Securing your ROI of digital media
    • Taking a strategic approach by incorporating digital outlook

    10:30am: Morning tea

    10:45am: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can we ensure engagement in our digital initiatives?

    • Is a reliance on digital engagement marginalizing an aging demographic?
      • How do we engage demographics that traditional don’t interact in the digital space?
    • How can you avoid your message being lost in cyber space?
      • Ensuring your campaign is being received and understood
    • The more we rely on digital, are we losing touch with traditional engagement strategies
      • How to do marry the relationship between traditional and digital engagement?


    11:30am: CASE STUDY: Cultivating community buy-in through social media   

    • Breaking the generational barriers by effectively using social media
      • Using pop culture to attract interest from your market
    • Strategic use of social media to engage with your target audience
    • How do you measure the success and ROI of your social media initiatives?

    12:15 pm Lunch

    1:15pm CASE STUDY: Managing negative push back on social media

    • Strategic management of negative online pushback
      • Avoid being drawn into unnecessary arguments
    • Flipping negative responses into positive outreach opportunities
    • Tackling the trolls and winning back control of the discussion


    2:00pm: CASE STUDY: Ensuring your message is understood

    • Measuring succusses through message retention
    • Driving engagement by understanding when your message resounds with an audience
    • Having conversations with the audience that resonate
      • Distinguishing between “informing” and “consultation”
    • Measuring the impact of your engagement strategies
    • Understand your audience by tailoring messages that speak to them

    CONFIRMED: Kimberley Tunbridge, Senior Community & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Thales

    2:45pm: CASE STUDY: Championing diversity through culturally sensitive engagement strategies

    • Transcending cultural barriers to produce win-win outcomes
    • Appreciate cultural factors throughout the engagement process
    • Aligning your message and strategy to the cultural sensitives in your project
    • Fostering communication skills and stakeholder relationships

    CONFIRMED: Jodie Taylor, Head of Marketing & Stakeholder Engagement, International Towers

    3:30pm Afternoon tea

    3:45pm: CASE STUDY: Strengthening genuine stakeholder relationships

    • Cultivating constructive partnerships with the community
    • Empower communities through the engagement process
      • Onboarding community stakeholders as part of the journey
      • Maximising your reach through community participation
    • Driving your engagement process by harnessing community leadership
    • Securing community buy-in through genuine engagement practices
    • Establishing effective two-way communications between the market and yourself

    CONFIRMED: Kylie Cochrane, Managing Principal Communications & Stakeholder Engagement, Aurecon


    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Cultivating grass-root community relationships

    • Cultivating engagement through grass-root campaigns
    • Optimizing the engagement process by cultivating stakeholder leadership
    • Future proofing projects by establishing stakeholder engagement pipelines
    • Driving top-down bottom up approaches to community buy-in

    CONFIRMED: Carole Littlefair, National Engagement Manager, Fulton Hogan

    5:15pm: End of day one

  • Conference Day 2 - 6th March 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 2 – 6th March 2019

    8:30am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am: Opening remarks from Chair


    9:00am: CASE STUDY: Managing high profile and volatile engagement campaigns

    • Mastering high profile engagement strategies
    • Preventing pressure-filed situations from derailing your strategies
      • Remaining focused on your end statement
      • Remain focused
    • Renewing your focus on a grass roots engagement under pressure
    • Preserving the micro interest amid macro distractions
    • Keeping the core target market at the forefront of every decision

    CONFIRMED: Rachel de Zylva, Stakeholder & Community Liaison Manager, Laing O’Rourke

    9:45am: CASE STUDY: Crises management best practice

    • How to manage community anger, blow back and disengagement
      • Re-aligning your strategies in response to unforeseen disruptions
    • Developing pre-emptive strategies to mitigate negative fallout
      • Containing the issues from the onset and minimising their prolonged impact
    • Rebuilding the relationship between you and the community and protecting your reputational legacy

    CONFIRMED: Kelly Parkinson, Senior Project Engagement Manager, AGL Energy

    10:30am: Morning tea


    10:45am: PANEL DISCUSSION: How can we optimise community and stakeholder engagement across the private and public sector?

    • Key skills vital to fostering the relationship between the public and private sector
    • Retaining community confidence in your end statement
    • How do we define the role of the private and public sectors trough the engagement process?
    • How can break down the roles between private and public sector from the onset?
      • how we measure success
    • How to create a unified message when multiple key stakeholders are involved in the delivery?


    Nicole Turnbull, Director of Strategy & Engagement, NSW Dept. of Planning & Environment

    Nadeena Whitby, Director of Industry & Stakeholder Engagement, Transport for NSW

    John McCormack, Senior Manager, Government & Community Relations, AGL Energy


    11:30am: CASE STUDY: Minimising community fallout by catering to community expectations

    • What level of engagement does the community expect from you during project delivery?
      • Managing expectations around the level of community engagement and influence between project planning and delivery phases.
      • Working in collaboration with the client to ensure there is a smooth transition between planning and delivery from a community perspective
      • How to manage community expectations around engagement during delivery upfront – to minimise the risk of community outrage down the track
    • Re-affirming public trust through accountability
      • Understanding your obligations to stakeholders and the community when making public commitments
      • How to demonstrate progress against commitments and build community support for the project
    • Focussing your engagement program on issues that are relevant to the community
      • Understand what issues the community is passionate about and tailor your engagement program to incorporate these into your activities

     CONFIRMED: Allen Rodwell, Senior Community & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, John Holland

    12:15pm: Lunch


    1:15pm: CASE STUDY: Profiling the audience demographic to craft effective engagement strategies

    • Structuring your engagement strategies around internal stakeholder working responsibility obligations
    • Aligning your strategies with community values
      • Protecting liability through understanding your legal obligations
    • Using organisational values to drive genuine engagement practices

    CONFIRMED: Barb McGregor, Head of Engagement, Tassal

    2:00pm CASE STUDY: Engaging a disengaged audience

    • Generating community interest in the engagement process
      • Sourcing the common ground to close the divide
    • Cultivating positive attitudes within the community towards your campaign
    • Endearing your campaign to reflect



    2:45pm: CASE STUDY: Cultivating working relationships with special interests’ groups

    • Building effective relationships with special interest groups
    • Using your networks to maximise your commercial marketability
    • Managing pragmatism over passion
      • Clinically removing emotion from the conversation

    3:30pm: Afternoon tea

    3:45pm: CASE STUDY: Bridging the gap with indigenous stakeholders

    • Protecting cultural heritage through Indigenous partnerships
    • Fostering relationships with Native Title Partners (NTPs)
    • Cultivate internal cross-cultural awareness skill development
    • Working together with Indigenous communities to deliver greater opportunities
      • Promoting business development
    • Cultivating indigenous employment opportunities

    CONFIRMED: Heath Nelson, Community Development Manager, Fortescue Metals Group


    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Cross industry Engagement

    • Drive efficient campaigns through effective cross sector collaboration
    • Reduce your fatigue through
    • Strengthen your working relationships with project partners
    • Using joint resources to enhance your capabilities when engaging with stakeholders

    5:20pm: End of conference

  • Post-conference Workshop - 7th March 2019

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 3 – 7th March 2019

    Post Conference Workshops


    Workshop A: Innovative Approaches to Community Engagement

    The sophistication level in which organisations can engage directly with the community is constantly evolving. As society buys deeper and deeper into interactive media and digital platforms, community stakeholder and engagement strategies need to evolve with to keep up.

    In this workshop, learn how to:

    • Develop innovative approaches to community engagement
    • Adapt to shifting community preferences in service delivery
    • Maximise your engagement opportunities through entrenching yourself within the community


    Workshop B: Overcoming Cultural barriers to effective community
    Cultural barriers often prove to be the greatest obstacle to any
    successful community and stakeholder engagement campaign.
    Overcoming these barriers can open the door to more effective
    and efficient communication with your target audience.
    In this workshop, learn how to:
    • Onboard internal cultural development skills
    • Develop skills to multiply your engagement abilities through
    cultural inclusion
    • Develop tailored engagement strategies to reflect each


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