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Government Customer Service Summit 2018

Attend the Government Customer Service Summit to optimise service delivery, harness digital technology and foster customer service champions in your organisation. Learn how to drive efficiencies your organisation’s customer service channels to provide quick response times and build positive relationships with customers. Harness the power of excellent customer experiences through in-depth case studies and best practice presentations from Federal, State and local Government departments. Attendees will also learn cutting-edge customer service methods from the private sector.

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  11 - 14 December 2018
GIO Australia Stadium


This event will bring together public sector leaders in customer service, service delivery and contact centre management.


Over four information-packed days you will hear case studies and practical best practice lessons to drive efficiency and ensure seamless service delivery in your customer service strategy.


Interactive sessions designed to give you the skills you need to take you take the next step in innovating your customer service strategy.


GIO Australia Stadium, Battye St, Bruce ACT 2617


  • Measure and monitor your organisation’s customer service
  • Meet customer expectations with limited resources
  • Optimise your service by incorporating customer feedback into your processes
  • Cultivate customer-centric mindset throughout your organisation
  • Harness digital technology to improve your omni-channel capability
  • Explore lessons from the customer service leaders of the private sector

Who should attend this conference

100%Heads of Customer service

99%Contact Centre Managers

99%Heads of Customer Experience

98%Heads of Service Delivery

97%Digital Services Managers

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Norman Spurr

Executive Manager, Client Services



Marie Jackson

National Product Director

Department of Defence


Alexandra Geddes

Director, Program Delivery

Service NSW


Sue Ferguson

Manager- Contact Centres

Service NSW


Michael Mercieca

Deputy Executive Director Customer Delivery

Sydney Trains


Ronnie Murray

Director, Customer Contact

Smart Services Queensland


Fran Duiker

General Manager Customers and Community

City West Water


Rebecca Moore

Director of Community and Commercial

City of Perth


Malcolm Angell

Manager Customer Contact

City of Gold Coast


Kirrilly Rowan

Manager, Customer Service

Toowoomba Regional Council


Renzo Urzua

Global Contact Centre Management Trainer



Josh Rynehart

Director Customer Coordination

ACT Government


Joel Rowland

Customer Experience Manager

St John Ambulance Victoria


Scott Maynard

Customer Service Director

Jaguar Land Rover Australia


Andrew Carlton


Virtual CX



Media Partner


  • Day One – Pre-Conference Workshop - 11th December 2018

    8:30 Registration, morning coffee and tea

    9:00am Workshop A: 

    Driving efficiency by benchmarking in your customer service strategy

    This hands-on workshop will provide you with the tools and techniques to solve issues in your customer service strategy with benchmarking tools and quality monitoring strategies.  Understand how to measure the success of your strategy and improve efficiency through an integral approach to customer service management.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Measuring the success of your customer service strategy by understanding metrics
    • Practical applications and real-world examples of best practice in quality management
    • Implement a process to assess customer interaction and employee capability
    • Streamlined measurement of goal-fulfillment

    Your expert facilitator: Simon Blair, Customer Experience Coach, Five Degrees

    12:30 Lunch

    1:30 pm Workshop B

    Synthesising traditional and digital customer service to create tailored customer service

    Online customer service channels drive efficiencies for your department by allowing your customers to serve themselves and gain answers quickly.  This intensive, pre-conference workshop will give you the skills to integrate digital services into your pre-existing service channels to create streamlined omni-channel service strategy.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Improve frontline, digital and telephone customer service’
    • Understand the different methods for online customer service
    • How digital customer service drives efficiency and improves outcomes
    • Build customer confidence in your service delivery
    • Increase the performance of customer service teams

    Facilitator TBC:

  • Day Two – Speaker Sessions - 12th December 2018

    8:30 Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:40: Opening remarks from the chair: Fran Duiker, General Manager Customers and Community, City West Water

    Trends in Customer Service

    9:05 am: Cutting edge customer service

    • Learn about contemporary trends in customer service
    • Understand how these trends are being harnessed by government organisations
    • The role of technology and employees in cutting edge customer service

    Michael Mercieca, Deputy Executive Director Customer Delivery, Sydney Trains

    9:55 am: Overcoming Public Sector specific customer service challenges

    • Gaining approval for your customer service programs
    • Fostering Customer experience champions with limited resources
    • Making best use of limited resources to meet expectations

    Fran Duiker, General Manager Customers and Community, City West Water

    10:45 am: Morning Tea

    11:00 am: Delivering high performance through every step of the customer’s journey

    • Streamlining processes to resolve customer inquiries quickly
    • Gathering customer feedback from their experience across the organisation
    • How to benchmark your customer service strategy to deliver quality customer services
    • Implementing continuous improvement approach

    Kirrily Rowan, Manager Customer Service, Toowoomba Regional Council

    Digital Customer service

    11:50 am: Panel Discussion: Harnessing digital channels to improve customer service

    • How can you keep ahead in the constantly changing digital landscape?
    • How do you build customer-centric online services?
    • How do you mitigate risks when integrate emerging technologies into your pre-existing customer service strategy?

    Kirrily Rowan, Manager Customer Service, Toowoomba Regional Council

    Malcolm Angell, Manager Customer Contact, City of Gold Coast

    Sue Ferguson, Manager – Customer Service Delivery Contact Centres, Service NSW

    12:40 pm Lunch

    1:40 pm: Balancing hype and reality in the future of customer service

    • Understand the potential of A.I. and automation for customer service
    • Engaging your customers with digital platforms
    • Investing Auto-bots to drive efficiencies in webchats and telephony services
    • Asses these technologies potential impact on customer service e.g. tailored customer service

    Sue Ferguson, Manager – Customer Service Delivery Contact Centres, Service NSW

    2:30 pm: Promoting rapid transformation through CRM development in an agile environment

    Rebecca Moore, Director of Community and Commercial, City of Perth

    3:20 pm: Afternoon Tea

    3:40 pm: Private sector perspective: Mapping organisational customer journeys to drive efficiency

    • Methods for mapping your organisations customer service
    • How to base customer service reform on such mapping
    • Using mapping to enhance customer service outcomes

    Scott Maynard, Customer Service Director, Jaguar Land Rover Australia


  • Day Three – Speaker Sessions - 13th December 2018

     8:30: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:40: Opening remarks from the chair: Fran Duiker, General Manager Customers and Community, City West Water

    Cultural Change

    9:05 am:

    Boosting customer trust through customer service design

    • Investing in customer research to understand customer needs
    • Improving service delivery models
    • Implementing continuous development of technology solutions
    • Developing streamlined systems to increase customer satisfaction

    Marie Jackson, National Product Director, Department of Defence

    9:55 am: Case Study: Delivering programs that enhance the customer experience

    • Improving access to government rebates and services to deliver value to citizens
    • Best practice in gaining buy-in for new programs by customers and partner agencies
    • Responding to customer needs when developing programs
    • Lessons learnt by Service NSW in designing a new service offering

    Alexandra Geddes, Director, Program Delivery, Service NSW

    10:45 am:  Morning Tea

    11:00 am: Employee Engagement – The Formula!

    • Recognising and rewarding positive staff achievements to encourage staff ownership of good customer service
    •  Encouraging your customer service team to take ownership of your strategy
    • Developing a wellness strategy to improve employee morale and resilience

    Malcolm Angell, Manager Customer Contact, City of Gold Coast

    11:50 am: Cross sector perspective: Developing strong skills in your customer service teams

    • Improving low employee performance through effective coaching
    • Building strong performing teams when managing multiple service sites
    • Engaging your customer service team in organisation values

    Renzo Urzua, Global Contact Centre Management Trainer, Mastercard

    12:40 Lunch

    Customer experience

    1:40 pm: Panel Discussion: Measuring and monitoring customer complaints

    • How do you incorporate customer feedback into your service delivery practices?
    • How can you ensure complaints are resolved quickly to improve department reputation?
    • How do you prevent complaints from reoccurring?

    Norman Spurr, Executive Manager, Client Services, CSIRO

    Alexandra Geddes, Director, Program Delivery, Service NSW

    Kirrily Rowan, Manager Customer Service, Toowoomba Regional Council

    2:30 pm: How Smart Service Queensland achieve 96% customer satisfaction

    • Optimising performance by providing rapid-response services to boost customer experiences
    • Best practice strategies for designing successful multi-channel customer service operations
    • Fostering strong customer-centric cultures through all channels
    • Driving continues improvement through setting benchmarks for strong metrics

     Ronnie Murray, Director, Customer Contact, Smart Service Queensland

    3:20 pm: Afternoon Tea

    Driving Improvement

    3:40 pm:

    Designing services to meet customer and government needs to improve customer satisfaction

    • How to design services that put both legislative compliance and the customer first
    • Delivering improved regulatory and customer outcomes to reduce compliance costs
    • Driving continuous improvement in customer satisfaction

    Josh Rynehart, Director Customer Coordination, ACT Government


  • Day Four – Post- Conference Workshop -14th December 2018

    8:30 am: Registration, morning coffee and tea

    9:00 am: Workshop A

    Transforming customer service by designing products and processes around customer needs

    Ensuring that services are designed to improve the customer experience can be key to gaining complete customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, organisations need to have a holistic understanding of the needs of the customer and the way they interact with your organisation.

    This workshop will provide you with hands’-on training to map your customer’s journey with the organisation.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Achieve a complete, rounded picture of your customer
    • Embed a concern for customer needs in every silo of your department
    • Reforming services around customer feedback
    • Applying human-centred design thinking
    • Drive organisational productivity and improves customer outcomes

    Your Expert Facilitator: Andrew Carlton, Director, Virtual CX

    12:30 pm: Lunch

    1:30 pm: Workshop B

    Building customer service champions in your team

    Engaging staff in the customer experience journey is vital to achieving excellent customer service. Ensuring that your customer service team feel rewarded in their role and remain resilient to adversity can transform your customer service culture.

    This interactive workshop will discuss how to turn your employees into customer service champions

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Engaging staff through effecting training programs
    • Cultivate ownership of best practice through acknowledgement and reward programs
    • Develop resilience to negative feedback and customer complaints

    Joel Rowland, Customer Experience Manager, St John Ambulance


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