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EA PA Summit 2018 – Sydney

Driving company performance through excellence

The EA role has expanded far beyond its traditional function. Organisations know that the strong support of 360-degree management skills are what drive results from their executives and success for the business. In short, good EAs make more money for the company by getting more done.

Becoming a more valuable EA is achieved through strong leadership, communication, time and stakeholder management skills combined with high-level efficiency. This event will show you how to do it, giving you the tools to make you more effective in every second of every day.

Designed as both a forum and a masterclass, the EA PA Summit features a VIP keynote from Tracey Spicer AM, case studies and panel discussions by Australia’s most senior EAs, as well as interactive workshops to show you how to get the most out of yourself and your executive.

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  10 - 11 December 2018
Novotel Sydney Central


Expert lessons from the highest-performing EAs, thought leaders and speakers


Over two engaging and interactive days in each location


Interactive sessions within the main agenda to inspire and challenge you


Novotel Sydney Central


  • Add more value to the organisation as an EA
  • Take control of your career progression within the role and beyond
  • Drive business success with high-level efficiency and communication
  • Be inspired by leading EAs from Australia and abroad
  • Maximise efficiency in your role
  • Boost effectiveness through taking charge of your health and wellbeing

Who should attend this conference

100%Executive Assistant

99%Personal Assistant

99%Office Manager

98%Business Manager

97%Executive Officer

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Tracey Spicer AM

Newsreader, Journalist, Author and Advocate


Dana Lewis

Former Personal Aide to Barack and Michelle Obama

The White House (USA)


Laurinda Moore

EA to the CEO and Chairman



Tracey Turri

EA to the Chief Executive Officer

Ramsay Healthcare


Larissa Paton

EA to the CEO Banking and Wealth



Rachael Bonetti

EA to the Chief Executive Officer



Lauren Walker

EA to the Executive Team

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne


Sophie Hogermeer

EA to the Chief Executive Officer



Ruth Kilah

EA to the CFO and CIO

GE Australia


Michelle Buckmaaster

Former EA to the CEO - Sage, current Change Analyst

Department of Human Services


Rachael Simmons

Former EA and Current Project Administrator



Amanda Vinci

Founding Director

The EA Institute


Corrinne Armour

Leadership Specialist, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Mentor

Corrinne Armour


Grant Herbert


People Builders


Pollyanna Lenkic

Coach, Facilitator and Mentor

Pollyanna Lenkic Consulting


Katherine Mair

Capability and Wellness Consultant

M.A.D. Mindworks


Alexandra Wennerholm


Bare Business


Tess Brook


Tess Brook- Mediator

  • SUMMIT AGENDA: DAY ONE - 10th December 2018


    8:50AM: OPENING REMARKS FROM YOUR CHAIR: Caitlin Wakely, Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor & Branding Specialist, The EA Institute


    The Evolving Role of the EA/PA

    9:00am: KEYNOTE: Building leadership into every aspect of your role

    • Identify where you sit in the Administration Cycle
    • Understand the importance of leadership in the administration profession
    • The one thing you can do immediately to future proof your role

    Amanda Vinci, Founding Director, The EA Institute


    9:50am: Becoming a leader in your organisation through mentoring

    • Harnessing the power of mentorship to strengthen company culture
    • Models for success: what to look for in a mentor, and how to approach them
    • Mentoring less experienced staff to cement your knowledge and pass it on

    Larissa Paton, EA to the CEO, Banking and Wealth, Suncorp



    10:40am: Morning tea


    11:00am: CASE STUDY: Thinking strategically to add more value to the business

    • Increase value-add by aligning your thinking with organisational strategy
    • Balancing speed and efficiency with strategic thinking and decision-making
    • Capitalising on every opportunity to add value to the business


    Lauren Walker, EA to the Executive Team, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne



    VIP Address

    11:50am: Moments that matter: Recognising and achieving milestones in your career

    • How to overcome negative mindsets and anxiety over new challenges
    • Strategically setting goals and recognising when you have achieved them
    • Striking the balance between ambition and contentment

    Tracey Spicer AM, Newsreader, Journalist, Author and Advocate



    12:40 pm Lunch


    Maximising efficiency in your role

    1:40pm: MASTERCLASS: Harmonise your workplace by boosting your emotional intelligence

    • Understanding the value of emotional intelligence to your professional relationships
    • 5 ways to that emotional intelligence can add value to your workplace
    • How to address toxic working environments for the benefit of all stakeholders

    Grant Herbert, International EI Master Trainer, People Builders


    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Boosting productivity by achieving more with less

    • Using high-pressure situations to realise which processes need to be optimised
    • Boosting performance by centralising objectives and simplifying processes
    • How to get the most out of your software and systems to save time and effort

    Sophie Hogermeer, EA to the Group Vice President Australia and New Zealand, Gartner



    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    3:40pm: MASTERCLASS: Harnessing your focus and increasing performance with mindfulness training

    • Using mindfulness to be more present, connected and effective
    • Drive motivation and achieve balance through mindfulness training
    • Eliminate distractions and focus on what’s important

    Katherine Mair, Creator and Director, M.A.D. Mindworks


    4:30pm: End of day one

  • SUMMIT AGENDA: DAY TWO - 11th December 2018


    8:50AM: OPENING REMARKS FROM YOUR CHAIR: Caitlin Wakely, Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor & Branding Specialist, The EA Institute


    Inspiring EAs from Australia and abroad

    9:00am: KEYNOTE: What it takes to support a world leader

    • Taking control of your professional development to become more than an assistant
    • Ensuring you perform at your best while remaining open to career advancement
    • Making professional development a habit, not a task

    Dana M. Lewis, Former Personal Aide to Barack and Michelle Obama, The White House (USA)


    Productive Working Environments

    9:50am: CASE STUDY: Harnessing your potential by managing your wellness

    • Understanding the links between physical health and professional performance
    • Tools for managing workplace stress and boosting personal wellbeing
    • Tips to manage stress and nurture your mental health

    Ruth Kilah, Senior Executive Assistant and Project Manager, GE Australia, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach


    10:40am: Morning tea


    11:00am: CASE STUDY: Driving workplace flexibility for the EA role

    • How flexible working arrangements benefit both EAs and executives
    • Using technology, trust and a performance-based culture to perform the EA role remotely
    • Gaining buy-in for new working arrangements

    Laurinda Moore, EA to the CEO and Chairman, IAG


    11:50am: KEYNOTE: Ask More. Tell Less. Lead Fearlessly: Creating Fearless Cultures and saving the world

    This keynote will:

    • Promote a NEW kind of leadership
    • Move people from complacency to collective power
    • Help leaders understand why telling is not the answer
    • Empower the audience to build curiosity and sit comfortably with uncertainty
    • Leave people inspired to lead their own quest to follow their ‘why’ and save the world

    Corrinne Armour, Leadership Specialist, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Mentor


    12:40 pm Lunch


    Career progression within the role and beyond

    1:40: PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the best career progression opportunities for EAs?

    • What are the benefits to progressing your career as an EA vs moving into another role?
    • What are the transferrable skills that every EA has?
    • Which industries should you target?
    • How should you plan your next career move?
    • Should you take on extra responsibilities to boost your skillset?
    • How should you market yourself to new employers and roles?

    Tracey Turri, EA to the Chief Executive Officer, Ramsay Healthcare

    Rachel Simmons, Former EA and current Project Administrator, Telstra

    Michelle Buckmaster, Former EA to the CEO (Sage), Current Change Analyst, Department of Human Services

    Amanda Vinci, Founding Director, The EA Institute

    Alexandra Wennerholm, Director, Bare Business


    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Identifying and developing a transferrable set of skills

    • Determining what valuable transferrable skills you use every day
    • Leveraging high-pressure experience to demonstrate your professional assets
    • Marketing yourself as an adaptable professional
    • Exploiting opportunities to use your skills in new situations

    Rachael Bonetti, Former EA to the CEO, current Business Lead in Corporate Affairs, Bupa


    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    Effective Communication

    3:40pm: MASTERCLASS: Empowering yourself through productive communication

    • Being true to yourself by speaking casually and spontaneously
    • How to build an engaging style and managing anxiety by being purposeful and present
    • Understanding others through active listening
    • Being straightforward and clear by using concise language

    Tess Brook, Director, 1st Call Consulting



    4:30pm: End of conference







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