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Chief Risk Officer Summit 2019

CRO Summit 2019

We believe you have the power to drive innovation, create opportunities and prevent disaster.
You can only do this if your entire organisation, from boardroom down, has bought into a risk culture that you’ve created. You can achieve this with the skills to change organisational mindsets and implement practical frameworks that go beyond paperwork.
That’s why we’ve created the CRO Summit 2019. You will take away the skills and mentality to add value as a strategic leader, incorporating practical and innovative risk management approaches.

About CRO Summit 2019

Chief Risk Officer Summit 2019 will ensure you are equipped to handle the risk landscape your organisation faces.
In its fourth year, you will learn from leading CROs and thought leaders so you can embed an adaptable risk culture, navigate fast-paced disruption and construct the ideal risk appetite for your business.
Practical case studies and interactive sessions will focus on how you can deliver tangible benefits and deliver value so risk is integrated at every organisational level.

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  26 - 28 March 2019
Novotel Sydney Central


We have brought together leading CROs from Australia's largest organisations


Two days of compelling keynotes, case studies and panel discussions on topics uncovered during extensive research with industry professionals.


1 Day of interactive and engaging workshops specifically curated to address vital risk management issues


Novotel Sydney Central


  • Build on your approach to strategic risk management
  • Understand organisational risks to format an effective risk appetite statement
  • Overcome unrealised risks for demonstrated stakeholder value
  • Build a culture of risk in your organisation
  • Eliminate risk in a politically uncertain environment
  • Surpass your compliance and governance obligations through regulator relationship
  • Manage organisational cyber and data risk

Who should attend this conference

99%Chief Risk Officer

96%Head of Risk

93%Senior Risk Manager

90%Enterprise Risk Manager

87%Head of Audit

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers


Andrew Wearne

Global Chief Audit Executive

Ramsay Health


Robb Eadie

Chief Risk Officer

BHP (Prev. BP)


Peter Deans

Chief Risk Officer

Bank of Queensland


Xavier Saldoni

Chief Risk Officer



Scott North

Chief Risk Officer

Youi Insurance


Jason Smith

Group General Manager - Operational Risk



Bill Hannan

Head of Governance



Luke Sullivan

WHS & Risk Whole of Game

National Rugby League


Ben Agar

Group Enterprise & Technology Risk Manager



Darren James

Head of Risk

Cricket Australia


Tracey Perrin

Head of Risk

Scouts NSW


Jonathan Groves

Group Head of Risk

QBE Insurance


Campbell Nicoll


Regional Australia Bank


Amit Basel

Senior Risk Manager



Andrew Murray

Enterprise Risk Manager

Surf Life Saving Queensland


Lesley Burvil

Chief Risk Officer



Stacey Conlin

Chief Risk Officer

La Trobe University


Mark Coles

Former–Chief Risk Officer

BT Investment Management & J.P. Morgan


Peter Gallagher CSC

Chief Risk Officer

Sydney Water


Les Bailey

Chief Risk Officer

Holiday Coast Credit Union

  • Conference Day One


    SUMMIT AGENDA:  DAY 1: Tuesday 26th March 2019


    9:00am: OPENING KEYNOTE: Today’s CRO: Demonstrating organisational and boardroom value


    • Displaying organisational value to earn a spot on the board
    • Driving versatility and agility in your risk strategy
    • Leveraging new risk technology to foresee risk outcomes


    Speaker: Robb Eadie, Chief Risk Officer, BHP Billiton Ltd



    9:50am: KEYNOTE: Delivering true risk culture


    • Truly appreciating risk culture and its unique impact on your business
      • Driving risk culture appreciation throughout all organisational levels
    • Effectively measuring overall risk culture
    • Strategies and methods to imbed risk culture at the forefront of the organisation


    Speaker: Jason Smith, Executive General Manager, Risk Insights and Enablement IAG

    10:40am: Morning tea


    11:00am: CASE STUDY: Implementing an effective Risk culture

    • Overcoming “bias” of risk by having a consistent strategy that aligns with organisations core values and risk appetite
    • Driving the risk culture beyond GRC requirements through organisational buy-in
    • Creating an effective robust response plan to remain resilient to long- and short-term risks


    Speaker: Bill Hannan, Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Ausgrid



    11:50am: Re-evaluating identification and management strategies in high risk environments

    • Understanding high severity/low frequency risks at an executive and board level
      • Appreciating catastrophe blind spots and risk desensitisation
    • Refocusing your strategic risk management plan and using risk to drive innovation and cultural change
    • Why compliance must always be a subset to your strategic risk management plan i.e. don’t let compliance drive your risk agenda


    Speaker: Luke D Sullivan, Health, Safety & Risk, NRL


    12:40 pm Lunch


    1:40pm: PANEL DISCUSSION:  How will risk management evolve in the climate of Royal Commissions and regulatory enforcement 


    • Has the royal commission been a wake-up call for all organisations and not just the financial industry?
      • Given the findings, what are impacts on financial industry
      • How will this impact other highly regulated industries
    • How can we utilise this environment to get the risk management message heard at board level?
      • Can we use this environment enact organisational change?
    • Do regulators expect more from the risk and compliance function and how do we manage this?
    • How does/can risk play a role in supporting business to ensure robust governance practices and a culture



    Lesley Burvil, Chief Risk Officer, Australian Military Bank

    Tracey Perrin, Head Of Risk, Scouts NSW

    Byron Tidswell, General Manager Risk, Assurance & Internal Audit, V-line

    Luke D Sullivan, Health, Safety & Risk, NRL


    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Balanced risk-based decision making to drive consumer trust

    • Balancing stakeholder expectations through a risk lens
    • Meaningful risk appetite considerations as part of decision making
    • Financial returns vs customer/community/regulatory expectations
    • Understanding financial and non-financial risks and their influence on risk-based decision making


    Speaker: Xavier Saldoni, Chief Risk Officer, Medibank


    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    3:40pm: CASE STUDY: Practical risk management: Transcending a paper culture to deliver real life risk management  

    • Understanding the difference between risk management and managing risk
      • Compliance management
      • Ensuring the business is geared up to manage and respond to risk
    • Future-proofing risk frameworks from non-compliant employees and outdated guidelines
    • Strengthening weaknesses in the risk management process through practical business continuity


    Speaker: Byron Tidswell, General Manager Risk, Assurance & Internal Audit, V-line


    4:30pm: Case Study: Gaining by-in with key decision makers and staff to drive risk culture

    • Ensuring two-way communication with decision makers to drive top-down compliance
    • Highlighting the need for boards to be on the front foot and ask more questions when dealing with risk
    • Eliminating the “risk stigma” with complacent boards and staff by demonstrating the value of risk management


    Speaker: Scott North, Chief Risk Officer, Youi Insurance


    5:20pm: End of day one & networking drinks


  • Conference Day Two

    SUMMIT AGENDA:  Day 2 Wednesday 27th March 2019

    9:00am: KEYNOTE: Cyber security: Effectively preparing for an inevitable obstacle


    • How cyber security has evolved from an IT issue to an organisational issue
    • How to react appropriately when cyber risks arise
      • Implementing proactive and reactive strategies to deal with cyber threats
    • Realistically dealing with cyber treats and identify cause analysis


    Speaker: Ben Agar, Group Enterprise & Technology Risk Manage, Seek



    9:50am: KEYNOTE: Developing an effective risk appetite statement and framework.


    • Ensuring your risk appetite statement is appropriate for your business
    • Implementing effective frameworks to monitor risk appetite and respond to changes
    • Taking a proactive approach to risk to be an innovative leader
      • Aligning Strategy and Risk Appetite
      • Moving past box ticking
      • Risk profile vs risk appetite limits
      • Regularly assessing your risk appetite


    Speaker: Peter Deans, Chief Risk Officer, Bank of Queensland

    10:40am: Morning tea


    11:00am: CASE STUDY: What it means to be an effective CRO

    • Eliminating internal organisation politics that distracts from risk culture
    • Marinating positive relationships with regulators
    • Realising the full potential of your data sources and how to use them effectively
    • Cultivating uplifting capabilities to ensure compliant processes


    Speaker: Patrick Gallagher, Chief Risk Officer, Sydney Water





    11:50am: CASE STUDY: Cultivate positive working relationships with regulators

    • Regulatory change and the resources required to keep abreast of these changes
    • How will what’s happening overseas affect regulation in Australia
    • Understanding the sanctions for non-compliant organisations


    Speaker: Natalie Alford, Executive Officer, Governance & Risk, Equipsuper


    12:40 pm Lunch


    1:40pm: Panel Discussion: The future of risk management

    • Looking to the future and what it means for the modern day CRO and organisations
    • How do you leverage emerging risk technologies for your organisation?
    • What new skills, new competencies and technologies will be needed to upkeep innovation
    • How can organisations ensure an effective recruitment balance?



    Grant Katz, Australia Compliance Country lead, Amazon

    Stacey Conlin, Chief Risk Officer, La Trobe University

    Les Bailey, Chief Risk Officer, Holiday Coast Credit Union

    Andrew Murray, Enterprise Risk Manager, Surf Life Saving Queensland



    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Preparing your organisation for face unforeseen risks    


    • Ensuring employees and stakeholders are being upskilled and empowered when dealing with risk management
    • Incorporating scenario planning in cohesion with business planning
    • Being prepared for proceeding consequences of emerging risk such as climate change

    Speaker: Campbell Nicoll, Chief Risk Officer, Regional Australia Bank 


    3:20pm Afternoon tea


    3:40pm: CASE STUDY: Safe guarding organisation through a thorough performance risk plan


    • Effectively evaluating performance risk and understanding possible repercussions
    • Importance for risk management plan to align with business requirements
    • Contingency plans when project fails to perform as intended


    Speaker: Darren James, Head of Risk, Cricket Australia



    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Effective risk management on a budget

    – Efficiently dealing with risk management when it isn’t your primary role

    – Ensuring risk management doesn’t fall to the wayside of the business plan

    – The importance of organisation buy-in to combat financial constants


    Speaker: Andrew Murray, Enterprise Risk Manager, Surf Life Saving Queensland


    5:20pm: End of conference


  • Post-Conference Workshops Day Three

    Post Conference Workshop: Thursday 28th March 2019

    A) 9:00AM – 12:30PM

    The ongoing conflict:  Risk management vs. Managing risk:

    A common issue for risk professional is having risk frameworks that tick all the boxes but are ineffective in real life situations. This workshop will focus on exceeding paperwork requirements while delivering practical risk management.

    Workshop Facilitator:


    This workshop will cover:

    • Understanding that risk management and managing risk don’t come from the same cookie cutter
    • How employees hold the key to effectively managing risk
    • Strengthening weaknesses in the risk management process through practical business continuity

     B) 1:30PM – 5:00PM

    Building effective risk appetite and frameworks in evolving times


    Risk management is fast-paced and requires organisations to be highly adaptable and agile when managing inherent risks. This workshop will focus on the importance of being practical when developing your risk appetite.


    Workshop Facilitator: Jonathan Groves, Group Head of Risk, QBE Insurance


    This workshop will cover:

    • Ensuring your risk appetite statement and business plan are on the same page
      • Risk profile vs risk appetite limits
    • Implementing versatile frameworks that can respond to change
      • Regularly assessing your risk appetite
    • Taking a proactive approach to risk to be an innovative leader




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