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APAC Chief Financial Officer Summit 2019

You have the power to ensure the long term success and financial prosperity of your organisation.

You can contribute strategically, beyond the financials. With the right motivation and skillset, CFOs are the driving force behind innovation and transformation.

That’s why we’ve put on the APAC Chief Financial Officer Summit 2019. You will learn how to build a diverse finance team, incorporate innovation and develop your leadership brand.

The APAC Chief Financial Officer Summit 2019 is your chance to take the next step in your finance career.

This event will help you overcome the pressing issues that are impacting your role, including diversity, strategy, stakeholder management and emerging technology.

This is your chance to develop the right skills, talents, experience and support to become a forward-thinking leader in your organisation.

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  12 - 13 March 2019
Novotel Sydney Central


We have brought together CFOs from top Australian and international organisations.


Over two information packed days you will learn from and engage with keynote presentations, case studies, panel discussions and more.


**WORKSHOPS CANCELLED** Attend the post conference workshops for a deeper appreciation of the skills required to become a successful and proactive CFO.


Novotel Sydney Central


  • Become a strategic CFO
  • Embrace technology and innovation
  • Build a diverse and prosperous finance team
  • Understand and keep up with the changing nature of the CFO role
  • Engage with next gen finance professionals and improve talent management strategy
  • Effectively manage expectations with in your company

Who should attend this conference

100%Chief Financial Officer

99%Finance Director

98%Senior Financial Manager

96%Financial controllers/Analysts

97%Head of Group Finance

Get Ready To Be Inspired!

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Key Speakers





Susan Mitchell


Mortgage Choice


Richard Richards

Chief Financial Officer

Seven Group Holdings


Kevin Jones


Sydney Water


Warwick Bray

Former CFO Telstra



Justin Gabbani


Lendlease Asia


Paul Wilson

Head of Group FInance



Paul Bloxham

Chief Economist

HSBC Australia


Nick Sutherland

Deputy CFO



Ken Maher

Chief Financial Officer

H.P. Australia


Tony Crawford




Francoise Merit




Mark Broadhead


RSL Lifecare


Mia Barry


The Iconic

  • DAY ONE –12th March 2019

    DAY ONE –12th March 2019


    8:30am Registration, morning coffee and tea

    8:50am Opening remarks from chair: Quyen Ngo, CEO, Q Financial Horizons

    CFO Leadership

    9:05am: OPENING KEYNOTE: How to become a strategic CFO that contributes beyond the financials

    • Aligning your business and finance strategy
    • Embracing the new wave of CFO influence and leadership
    • Fulfilling your operational objectives and staying up to date with emerging financial opportunities

    Warwick Bray, Former CFO Telstra


    9:55am: APAC PERSPECTIVE: Operating successful APAC finance functions

    • Understanding how finance operations differ from Asia to Australia
    • Equipping yourself with the skills required for a global CFO
    • Appreciating the trends and strategies for CFO’s in the APAC region

    Justin Gabbani, CFO, Lendlease Asia


    10:45am Morning tea


    11:00am: Economic Outlook 2019: Understanding the major trends, opportunities and challenges

    • Economic and commercial outlook for 2019 and beyond
    • Capitalizing on trends for success as a CFO
    • Managing uncertainty amidst disruptions in the finance world

    Paul Bloxam, Chief Economist, HSBC

    Embracing Innovation

     11:50am: From transactional to transformational – a Sydney Water example
    • Changing the way we work to build our role as financial steward and strategic advisor
    • Partnering with industry to reduce costs, boost productivity and achieve shared value
    • Knowing the business and building the finance function’s profile to effectively influence stakeholders
    • Building capability in our business and within our finance function

    Kevin Jones, CFO, Sydney Water


    Lunch 12:40pm



    1:40pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the new technologies that add value to the CFO function?

    • How important is managing relationships with your CIO, CDO and COO when implementing new technology? What is the most effective way to do this?
    • What are the biggest barriers to gaining buy in for innovation?
    • How do you see AI and ML as changing the role of the CFO in the future?
    • How do you keep up to date with a rapidly progressing world of fintech?

    Justin Gabbani, CFO, Lendlease Asia

    Mia Barry, CFO, The Iconic

    Christopher Koch, CFO, VGW



    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Leading through disruption of the finance function

    • Appreciating the influence and value of a successful finance team
    • Keeping up with the speed of industry change as a finance leader
    • Upskilling the entire finance team to meet new demands and emerging trends
    • Managing disruption and understanding cyber security


    Nick Sutherland, Deputy CFO, Broadspectrum


    3:20pm Afternoon Tea

    Stakeholder management


    3:40pm: CASE STUDY: Applying new technology to your role as CFO

    • Understanding AI and ML to unleash the full potential of emerging technology in finance and beyond
    • Adopting a proactive approach to your finance functions through the use of big data
    • Implementing new strategies to boost cyber security
    • Upskilling the entire finance function

    Ken Maher, CFO, HP Australia


    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Achieving success in stakeholder management amidst disruption

    • Adopting an investors mind set and more innovative practices
    • Engaging the C-suite members in your financial strategy and operations
    • Managing expectations and making decisions in a changing commercial landscape





    5:20pm: End of day one

  • DAY TWO 13th March 2019

    DAY TWO 13th March 2019


    8:30am Registration, morning coffee and tea

    9:00am Opening remarks from chair: Quyen Ngo, CEO, Q Financial Horizons


    Leading through change

    9:05am: CASE STUDY: Balancing the pressure for transparency, ethics and profits

    • Protecting your brand reputation through an ethical and transparent finance and tax process
    • Managing reputational risk through proactive engagement
    • Leading your finance function to comply with changing regulation

    Richard Richards, Chief Financial Officer, Seven Group Holdings


    9:55am: CEO OUTLOOK: Growing as a leader through your CFO role for executive success

    • Thriving in a male dominated industry and encouraging diversity in next gen finance professionals
    • Achieving success as a CFO and taking the step to CEO
    • Developing and fostering the necessary leadership skills to reach the c-suite

    Susan Mitchell, CEO, Mortgage Choice


    10:45am Morning tea


    11:00am: CASE STUDY: Positioning yourself as a proactive and strategic leader

    • Planning for success through finance and organizational transformation
    • Developing a roadmap for strategic transformation
    • Managing an increase in pressure and a need for diverse leadership skills on a CFO

    Paul Wilson, Head of Group Finance, Dexus

    Diversity in finance

    11:50am: CASE STUDY: The benefits of achieving a diverse and inclusive finance team

    • Broadening your talent pool for effective leadership as a CFO
    • Transforming your finance team and stepping up to disrupt a legacy system
    • Encouraging diversity in your team for success

    Francoise Merit, CFO ANZ, Aurecon



    Lunch 12:40pm








    1:40pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the most important skill for next gen CFO’s?

    • How will a younger finance professional’s career grow to CFO in the future compared to how your career developed?
    • What can you do to engage with more diverse candidates to build your team?
    • How has the finance function changed over the past 10 years and what should CFO’s focus on to update their processes?
    • Where can CFO’s have the greatest organizational impact and add the most value?

    Alex Kathestides, Caltex

    Francoise Merit, CFO ANZ, Aurecon



    2:30pm: CASE STUDY: Developing your talent management skills as a CFO

    • Appreciating the importance of your leadership skills as you develop the best finance team
    • Engaging with the next generation of finance leaders for optimal team growth
    • Identifying and attracting diverse talent for success

    Mia Barry, CFO, The Iconic


    The future of the CFO


    3:20pm Afternoon Tea

    3:40PM: KEYNOTE: What will the CFO role look like in 10 years?

    • Understanding the changing demand for non traditional skillsets for a CFO
    • Developing a more strategic mindset to excel your finance career
    • Engaging with key stakeholders as CFO
    • Becoming a critical contributor to the business


    Tony Crawford, CFO, NRL


    4:30pm: CASE STUDY: Developing skills to enable a forward-thinking finance organisation

    • Driving over all company growth and increasing profitability
    • Focusing on forecasting rather than past finances
    • Influencing strategic direction and strategic planning for success

    Mark Broadhead, CFO, RSL Lifecare


    5:20pm Close of conference


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