5 pitfalls to avoid when creating contracts

Contract Law for Non-Lawyers.1

When you don’t have a dedicated legal team to fight your battles and protect your business, you must protect yourself. Contracts are the biggest example of this. We engage in contracts with people every day and the ramifications of a badly designed contract can be catastrophic. Your business, like every business, relies on relationships with […]

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Getting on board with Smart Cities

Smart Cities 10

Smart cities have the potential to connect, empower and enable its citizens. When designed properly, they can increase access to health, energy, education and technology. While there are some incredible examples of cities that are going smart successfully, there are also some examples of things going entirely pear shaped. One of the biggest challenges facing […]

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Major Risks in Managing Commercial Contracts

This article, on Major Risks in Managing Commercial Contracts, has been prepared to give participants an insight into the risks they face when managing contracts. This article considers the identification and mitigation of contract risks for both buyers and sellers. If a contract in law is simply an exchange of commercial promises why then are […]

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What can be learned from global Smart Cities?

The top 6 smart cities and what Australia can learn from them ‘Smart cities’ is officially a buzzword. One that has quickly picked up traction in Australia over the past five years. But what does it mean? Some prefer the narrow definition. That is; cities that use information and communication technologies (ICT) to deliver services […]

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