Top 5 Employment Risks of 2017

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2017 is full of possibilities. This is a year your business can thrive; a year you can make the changes you know will make you and your workplace a more productive space. Don’t get left behind. Arm yourself and your business with the right knowledge, tools and comprehension to succeed. Employing others carries with it […]

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Embracing Innovation in Aged Care


The new year will bring with it many  changes for the aged care industry. The control and the money is being placed firmly into the hand of the customer. Funding will no longer go directly to the facilities, but rather the individuals looking for support in their later years. Suddenly, the aged care industry must […]

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Top Tips for being assertive without being aggressive

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Executive and personal assistants are in a unique position in business. They are responsible for upholding the expectations of some of the most senior executives in their business, yet technically hold none of the clout. It can be incredibly challenging finding the tools to assert the correct amount of authority and confidence without over-stepping the […]

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Diversity in the workplace: Understanding reasonable adjustment

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Research around the world is unilaterally determining that diversity in the workplace is the right choice for all. When you choose to embrace diversity, statistics show that you will reap great rewards. Just a few of the incredible advantages are below: Increase of positive mental health Increase in employment loyalty Increase in customer loyalty Increase […]

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Why Implement a Psychological Wellbeing Strategy?

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  With the stresses and strains placed on everyone in today’s working world, workplaces can look at how they might help promote and maintain mental health and psychological wellbeing amongst their employees. With one person in five likely to be affected by mental illness and six million working days lost by Australian workplaces each year […]

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Returning to work after injury

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Injuries can be sustained in even the safest of workplaces. You can do everything in your power to reduce risk, and so you should. Sometimes, accidents, incidents and injuries occur anyway. As an employer, it is your obligation to ensure that you manage and minimise risk and create a welcoming environment for those injured to […]

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8 Tips to kick start your diversity program

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Look briefly at the ASX Top 200. You’ll find an over representation of white men in senior executive positions after a glance. There are few women, there are no ethnic minorities, there is one LGBITIQ representative, there are no indigenous Australians. The same can be said for a host of minorities. Australia is a diverse […]

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Bullying and Harassment Guide

 Top tips for your workplace Prevent bullying and harassment. Feeling isolated and harassed is a horrible feeling. No one wants to feel victimised, especially not in their place of work. As employers, it is your responsibility to protect your team and provide a healthy and safe space for your team to work. When instances or […]

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Diversity. It’s more than a buzzword

Now, more than ever, is the time to promote diversity in your workplace The most recent events in Orlando show how far we have to with diversity acceptance. A tragedy such as the Orlando massacre is utterly devastating to both the LGBTI community and humanity in general. At Konnect Learning, we offer our deepest sympathies […]

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Create a successful workplace health and wellbeing program

The four step process to a successful workplace health and wellness program Being mindful of organisational health and wellness is an essential business investment. If properly executed, your orginisation will improve productivity, reduce workers compensation costs, clamp down on absenteesism and presenteeism, and retain valuable staff. So you’ve committed to workplace health and wellness, but […]

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