Top Tips for being assertive without being aggressive

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Executive and personal assistants are in a unique position in business. They are responsible for upholding the expectations of some of the most senior executives in their business, yet technically hold none of the clout. It can be incredibly challenging finding the tools to assert the correct amount of authority and confidence without over-stepping the […]

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Tackling fraud in the Healthcare industry

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 Michael Douman is the Head of Business & Clinical Analysis with the Bupa Australia Group. He has been working in Private Health Insurance for 20 years. His roles have included clinical analysis; benefits management; fraud analytics; IT; finance; marketing; property; HR; and training.  Michael’s team currently focuses on clinical fraud, waste, and abuse – not […]

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Getting on board with Smart Cities

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Smart cities have the potential to connect, empower and enable its citizens. When designed properly, they can increase access to health, energy, education and technology. While there are some incredible examples of cities that are going smart successfully, there are also some examples of things going entirely pear shaped. One of the biggest challenges facing […]

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Top tips for dealing with difficult people

Difficult People

There are some pretty wonderful people in the world. They inspire us, they build us up and they make us want to be better just by being around them. Unfortunately they generally have an equal and opposite force, hell-bent on making our lives difficult. Enter the difficult people. These people make things challenging, they try […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Distance Leadership

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Near, Far, Wherever you are – Be an inspirational leader Our workplaces are becoming increasingly virtual and that means you can’t always give your team the facetime you might want. Managing people without this face time can be incredibly tough. It requires constant planning, vigilance and a commitment to your team. There are some significant […]

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6 Tips for a Solid Fraud Prevention Stategy

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The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates that the total cost of fraud in Australia is $6,052,000,000.   That’s a lot of zeroes. It also includes the intangible cost of fraud. The productivity, staff and morale losses that fraud leaves in its wake. It’s therefore vital for all organisations to actively prevent fraud. In most cases, […]

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