Getting on board with Smart Cities

Smart Cities 10

Smart cities have the potential to connect, empower and enable its citizens. When designed properly, they can increase access to health, energy, education and technology. While there are some incredible examples of cities that are going smart successfully, there are also some examples of things going entirely pear shaped. One of the biggest challenges facing […]

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The top three questions when building a budget

Finance for Non-Fiiance Managers 5

Let’s face it! Budgeting for your team’s expenses is not an exciting task. For many, budgeting doesn’t so much pique their interest as peak their stress levels. This is especially so for non finance staff, i.e, operational, administrative or technical staff for whom budgeting is seen as an additional task to their “real” jobs. The […]

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Top tips for dealing with difficult people

Difficult People

There are some pretty wonderful people in the world. They inspire us, they build us up and they make us want to be better just by being around them. Unfortunately they generally have an equal and opposite force, hell-bent on making our lives difficult. Enter the difficult people. These people make things challenging, they try […]

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The changing course of fraud

Fraud Konnect Learning 8

No one is safe from the nasty sticky fingers of scam artists. We are all vulnerable and it is crucial that we know the best ways to protect ourselves and our companies from those who think it’s their right to take what isn’t theirs. The fact is, the technology may change, but so do the […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Distance Leadership

Distance Leadership 1

Near, Far, Wherever you are – Be an inspirational leader Our workplaces are becoming increasingly virtual and that means you can’t always give your team the facetime you might want. Managing people without this face time can be incredibly tough. It requires constant planning, vigilance and a commitment to your team. There are some significant […]

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Returning to work after injury

Return to work 6

Injuries can be sustained in even the safest of workplaces. You can do everything in your power to reduce risk, and so you should. Sometimes, accidents, incidents and injuries occur anyway. As an employer, it is your obligation to ensure that you manage and minimise risk and create a welcoming environment for those injured to […]

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6 Tips for a Solid Fraud Prevention Stategy

Fraud Konnect Learning 1

The Australian Institute of Criminology estimates that the total cost of fraud in Australia is $6,052,000,000.   That’s a lot of zeroes. It also includes the intangible cost of fraud. The productivity, staff and morale losses that fraud leaves in its wake. It’s therefore vital for all organisations to actively prevent fraud. In most cases, […]

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