How to be an authentic and more effective leader

Authentic Leader 1

Authenticity is one of those buzzwords that gets bandied around the place every few years. The trouble is that often people don’t take the time to understand just why authenticity is so valuable. Often people in leadership positions are more concerned with protecting their own lives and selves that they lose the trust and loyalty […]

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Top Tips for being assertive without being aggressive

assertive 2

Executive and personal assistants are in a unique position in business. They are responsible for upholding the expectations of some of the most senior executives in their business, yet technically hold none of the clout. It can be incredibly challenging finding the tools to assert the correct amount of authority and confidence without over-stepping the […]

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Could Donald Trump actually be good for regulatory reform?


When you have a misogynistic, egomaniac self-promoting himself to the position of leader of the free world, it’s very hard to hear anything other than doom and gloom. We hear the offensive and divisive language and often automatically switch off. Many of us have been left scratching our heads and wondering how in the world […]

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5 pitfalls to avoid when creating contracts

Contract Law for Non-Lawyers.1

When you don’t have a dedicated legal team to fight your battles and protect your business, you must protect yourself. Contracts are the biggest example of this. We engage in contracts with people every day and the ramifications of a badly designed contract can be catastrophic. Your business, like every business, relies on relationships with […]

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Fraud costs

Fraud Konnect Learning 16

Fraud costs Australians hundreds of millions each year – are you at risk? Between April and September 2015, more than $128 million dollars was lost to fraudsters in Australia alone. That’s only five months! Yet, there were 91 scams reported in that time, with the average value reaching $1.4million. That is a scary amount of […]

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