8 ways to be an authentic leader


Authentic 1. of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. What makes a genuine leader? The father of authentic leadership, Bill George defines authentic leadership as “People of the highest integrity, committed to building enduring organizations … who have a deep sense of purpose and are true to their core values”. This is easier said […]

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12 ways to avoid being a bad leader

How do you avoid being a bad leader? There are a million articles on what makes a good leader and the positive character traits that turns someone ordinary into someone extraordinary. Someone capable of getting smart, educated employees to follow them, to work harder and drive a company’s agenda forward. In a perfect world, we […]

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Major Risks in Managing Commercial Contracts

This article, on Major Risks in Managing Commercial Contracts, has been prepared to give participants an insight into the risks they face when managing contracts. This article considers the identification and mitigation of contract risks for both buyers and sellers. If a contract in law is simply an exchange of commercial promises why then are […]

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Bullying and Harassment Guide

 Top tips for your workplace Prevent bullying and harassment. Feeling isolated and harassed is a horrible feeling. No one wants to feel victimised, especially not in their place of work. As employers, it is your responsibility to protect your team and provide a healthy and safe space for your team to work. When instances or […]

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